Friday, September 18, 2009

? Of The Day

How Many Fruit Flies Have You Killed Today?
I just killed about 20.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frederik Meijer Gardens

Yesterday Dad took Mom and I for a day away.
We had a great time, and saw a lot of new things to us. :)

It was really neat how you could walk from room to room and feel like you really were in Mexico or many of the other places.


There were so many different kinds!

I was so sure as I was walking through here that I was going to bump into any one of these! But boy am I sure glad I didn't!

This one seems like it would be true to it's name, though it looks nice and soft I'm sure as soon as you started to pet it it would feel like a torch!

Rat's tail

This stuff makes yummy candy. :)

You can't tell how big all this stuff was, some of it was massive!

More of the Prickly Pear

Golden Barrel (No Not Sit On This Barrel!)

A Live wreath

I thought this one was funny, and the name goes quite well. :)

Too cool

That'll keep the kids from picking the flowers! :O

Felt tree, I wanted to touch it and see if it was soft. But I also wasn't willing to find out the hard way that it was just as hurtful as all the other things in this room!

It's kind of funny to me that with all these thorns and such, the Desert 'Rose' isn't poky.

Crown of thorns

Did somebody say Hobbit? :)

These were big! I couldn't get all of it but it was!


Skinny Fingers

Yowch! That's neat!

Pitcher Plants

So many different kinds!

These not only look pretty, they enjoy a buggy meal whenever they get hold of one!

That's right, these were all Carnivorous plants! =0

(Might be handy with all the fruit flies huh?) :D

Who would have thought a plant could be deadly without eating it?!

Mom and Dad. (I'm going to have to put up the other picture of them, somehow I got the wrong one, and I'm NOT going to try to add it this post!)

Me. :D

Playing around. =]

I could have done better I'm sure, but some people walked in and I wasn't into having them watch me take a self photo.

That's why in this one I'm not even looking. =]

I like Mums.

Fig Newtons anyone? :D


Ooo, Ahh. :)

These birds were very cute and funny. There is a long story behind them too, that I might tell about some time.

These were bigger then me!

Bamboo bamboo

Hey, it's me!

Quite the fan huh :)

I'm not sure how this tree grows

Weird huh

Coco tree

LONG vines!



Hmm, Dad was having fun =]

Playing ball

Pass it to me! pass it to me!

Right here! right here!

Um :)

Jack out of the box

A car

My house. (Do you think I'll be able to fit all 16 kids in there?)

March Hare

and the Mad Hatter, at their tea party.

Mom and Dad.

(or is that the kids?)

Hmmm :)

My guess is, that's Alice. But she wasn't very talkative, so I'm not sure.
Grandpa, the storyteller.

Dad put his glasses on him, so it would look more like it were Dad. :)

The Great Lakes Sail Boat race!

Dad was Green, and I was Blue. They really didn't go much of anywhere. :)

The kids playing. :)


Can you tell what time it was?

Mom and Dad with Mr. and Mrs. Meijer

The American Horse


Have you ever had a 7.5 TON horse step on your foot?!

Mom telling Jessica what a great place it is

Dad climbed the hill to get some pictures

Mom and I

Dad and I walked this, and came up with our own thoughts of what everything was, then we took one of the buses with Mom, and we liked our ideas better. :)

These were kind of cool, but I must say, I'm not much into "art".

These were neet too, they were called Number 25, and Number 26.
Not much of a story behind them, they were meant to make you think and come up with your own story about them. i did have my own story that I came up with though.

This just looked like a buch of beams welded together to me.
It was meant o have something to do with music and such... yeah... also known as a lot of meaningless work. (:D)

The waterfalls

Arn't I the kid that should be worrying my Dad by climbing up on the rocks?
Somehow we got that a little mixed up.

Anyone need to do some major gardening?

Anyone want to guess how old these three trees are?

Huge Pumpicans!

Bibbidi bobbidi boo :)

The End