Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sooo fashionable!!!

Sooo lovely!!!!

Do you like it, hmmm???

Flowers! Flowers!!

This was the nicest dress she's
ever had on.


Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

The little old lady.

Think what you will.

I LOOOVE this one.


Nice suspenders.

You will never see me in Pink again.
I was having too much fun!!!

Priest, or Death???

What do you think Rachel??

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sorry to all of you that are looking for new stuff I'm working on it and will have it posthaste.
Lord willing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

OKOKOK!!! so it has been a long time but you will see why if you look at this post.

We had my Mom's side of the Family up to see
us and to do some stuff. We had a lot of fun
with all of them here.


Faith got water all over Jessica. Hehehe!!! ;)

Mama, Faith, and Great Grandma.
The Buckley Old Engine Show.

We got to ride the Train!!!! :)

Mr. Fairlamb said to jump in so we did!!! :)

HHHHMMMMM......... This one was funny!!

That was A LOT of fun thank y'all for taking
Geting ready for the Conference!!!!

Work day at the Church (some people do work
at those things ) just kidding every one does a lot.
Hey I even got to help clean out the Ice cream!!!

Look'n good!!!

Who are they???

If you can't read it it says " Here
comes trouble".

We had fun with this one.

The Cook's had the church people over for a
cook out after church. :) Thank you Cook's
we all had fun!!! ;)

The best game ever made!!!

(Or I like it any way.)

Aren't they cute???
My Dad got this pic, well I think he got all of
them that night.
We had the Ecclesiastical Law Center Bible
Conference this week at the church, and these
are some of the men that came to speak and
hear from God's word.
LtoR. Pastor Shepherd, Wilhite, Mott,
Townsend, Paul Beatty, Jonker, Jim Beatty,
Stephen Beatty, Wright, Evans, Hoover,
Battle, Cosby.

Pastor Wright and my Dad are over the ELC.
(Sorry I don't have a good one of Pastor Wright).
Rhonda played really well!!!
I have a lot of pix of the Conference
but way to many to put on here.

Dad Mom and I went with the Shepherds up
to Mackinaw City, to see Fort Michilimackinac,
and the Light House, and the Water.
(I don't think Mom likes the camera).

It was a bit muggy while we were there but I
thought it was cool. Mrs. Shepherd didn't
think that the bridge was all there. :) (She is

The Redcoats did some demonstrations for us.


This Guy is funny he has been there every
time we have gone and we all like him.
My Dad and I went to a Soft Ball game that
Brad and Jessica were in, they won 1 out of
3 of the games. :(
Oh well I think they had fun. :)

"Go Jessica!!!!"

She got to 1st!!!

Then Mr. Fitzpatrick hit a great one,

and ran her in to home!!! WAHOO!!!!

Yay Brad!!! ( don't look for the ball). ;)

Brothers !!! hehehe!!!
The boys love golf, ( I think they get it from
their Dad and both Papa's).

"Bubbles"!!!! The thing is I don't know if it was
Dad or Parker had the more fun. :)
Well that's all for now.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My life

My God is the one true God, the King of kings,
and, the Lord of lords.
My Family,
This is my dad the best dad I ever
had. :) He is the Pastor of Bible
Believers Fellowship Church.
( yes I'm a "PK" and all kinds of
TROUBLE) hehehe!!! ;)
And this is my mom, she's always in stitches.
Ok not really but I thought it was funny. :)
My mom and dad.
This is my sister Jennifer, she is working for
our Lord in Zambia Africa.
This is my sister Jessica and her husband
Brad Boonstra. They have three kids. (below)
They do work in the church that he grew up in,
and live just down the road so we get to see
them a lot. :~)

This is my nephew Parker.
And this is my other nephew Carter.
And my niece Faith.
My Friends,
L to R Loralee, Hannah, Jubilee, Bethany (me),
and MaryBeth.

And Lydia always geting a pic,
and always wet. :~)
(Hahaha!!! I can put your pic on my
btw that's not all my friends but for
now I'll just have to go with thoughs
pix, and if you are my friend your
pic will be on here someday, if I have
anything to do with it. Hehehe
And Me....
Well that's all for now, over and out.