Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas! (Yeah, I'm a little behind...)

Sad little Mercy. :( Still cute as ever though! :)

Singing songs.

...asleep on the hay.

Carter's solo

Parker's... I don't know? =]

Hmm, not sure on this one.

What a face Faith! =]





I know it's blurry, but it's kind of cool that way.

Carter the elf

Sponge Bob Santa Parker


Socks! Yes!

All these gifts and Mercy just wants to talk on the phone...

My gifts! Yay! =]

Dad got a nice hat for Christmas. ;)


My gifts after being opened! Yay! :) (What do my gifts say about my character? I'm a Snoopy, Grumpy, Animal!!!? :D Sure thing!)

The boys got golf clubs from Papa! They loved them!

How do you keep Faith busy for HOURS? Give her a toothbrush that comes with stickers!

That thing was COVERED by the time she was done! =]

Well, that was our Christmas at home. Who was yours? Do you remember it? =]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Look how BIG Mercy's getting! Aw, what happened to baby Mercy?!

Cool girl!

Jub, Me and Faith (Cook) :D Aren't self photos awful!? hehe

Aw! Kitty and Hop!

Get it? Hop... :D Love you girly!

Uncle Dan, Mercy and Jessica looking at pictures. (Family get together for Christmas).

One Thursday night after Church Renee was playing with the jump rope, Dad took one end and wrapped it around himself, she thought it was great stuff! =]

Mego, Wadely and Me!

Getting ready to leave one Tuesday dad pulled out before me to go get the mail, and as I watched him pull out I saw this in our drive!

I thought it was rather cool!

Kitty! Cheesecake!

Jessica, and Mercy :D

Marshmallow girl! Not the little ones... no.. the BIG Strawberry ones!

Cute little monkey! :)

iPhone photos, not so bad huh? =]

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me, post? Yeah, Every Time I get A Chance That Is

So, these are from before Christmas I guess, but I'm getting closer. =]

I have the best of friends, though these are not all they. :)


Playing. It is crazy how long you can play with a rubber band!

On the way home Mercy fell asleep holding my hand. *<3*

My Lovey Kitty! (Bad picture, I know.)

Mercy and Papa. =)


No color?

Or color?

That's all for now! :)