Wednesday, July 3, 2013

ELC Indiana!

 Sleepy Kids
 Great music!
 So much family!
 Did I say sleepy kids?!

 Look close at her watch, it's Sweetpea Beauty =]
 Time with Nanna
 This my friends, is why God made them Pastors... =]

 Oh, Yummy food!
 Phone time? Wait, I thought Heather came so you wouldn't be on the phone as much! :)
 Sneaky cuddles. :)
 Lots of kids! :D
 Silly ones
 Smart ones
 All around fun ones!
 All the Pastors singing!
 I think this was our largest group of pastors! Great singing and Preaching!
 Good crowd. :)

 Dad getting into the message :)

 The after meeting talking
 Waking up

 Good byes are sad =[
 Going to say goodbyes to the Shepherd's farm :)
 See it!
Well. That's all for now!


This is our day and age. =]
 Oh look, they got bigger! :)
 Eating outside with the kids.

 Graduation at Grace
 Oh great! I think they are plotting to get back at me!
 Cousins coloring
 Random Sunday walk!
 I like my white ones thank you...
 See, so much cutier
 Kitty Elizabeth

 My twin!
 First dress fitting!

 Beatty Boys

 Dad, Mom and I
 That's my father! :)
 Mercy watching a movie. Always being cute
 Healthy Peanut Butter Cups! Meaning Dad can have them, and since I made them of course that are yummy! =D
 Mom sure liked them. :)

 Hmm. I think I might need to make more very soon!
 Next fitting
 No flowers, so I handed her the crochet hook. :)
 Oh, Us. :D
 Mmm, yummy food.
 Big mushroom, or small hand?
Op! That's it for now!
Hope whoever's still out there is enjoying! :D