Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carter Boy

The other day Carter got up a little soon from a rather short nap, and what do kids do when they are still a bit sleepy? Cuddle. :) I put a movie in that laptop for him to watch while he was just sitting there and tried once again to get some new pictures of him...
(Doesn't he just look so happy with me?!) :)

I shall try to get the other two sometime, this was all I could do before Carter kindly asked me to stop so he could watch his movie. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hannah's Birthday Surprise!

Hannah- My great friend ever since I was 2 years old (at least I think that's when we met). What would I ever have done without her? Growing up we had our quibbles, like any two little girls do, but no matter how we would fight (mostly when we were younger, and only really over toys), it never really came to anything. Now a days we don't really fight, you will see below one of our first fights in a long time... :D Though very quiet most of the time, she will put forth what she thinks when everyone else gives her a chance to. But mostly, she likes to take in what others are saying, and think deeply about it. I can always see her mind working over something when we are just walking along without saying anything, or just sitting there. Though we do talk at times, there is still an understanding of our friendship when we just walk together in stride without saying a thing but now and then.

Something fun about Hop- Why, you may ask, do I call her "Hop". Well, it's quite simple you see, it's the way my mind works... :) We were out playing Volleyball one night, and there was another Hannah there, it is really hard to say "Yours Hannah" when there are two Hannah's on the same teem! (Or two of any name for that matter). So I knew something needed to be done! I looked over at my Hannah, trying to think of what we could call her that would be short, would fit her, and we could remember. She had on that night an Orange shirt, and a Purple skirt. What do you do with that? Well, I'm sure you've guessed it by now. Her name starts with a H, Orange starts with an O, and Purple starts with P. Therefore, we called her Hop. Though for others that have called her Hannah for her whole life it was hard to change to Hop, so most of the time it is only me what calls her Hop. I enjoy nick names! :D Though I'm sure you can't tell. =]

So what brought this post about? Well, Hop just had a Birthday last week, and some of us girls got together to surprise her! :D It turned out quite to every ones enjoyment I do believe, (hope:) I just thought I'd let you see her reaction as she came down the stairs and saw all of us there! :D Hope the video works well, and that you may enjoy it!

While you're around, you want to drop a note and tell Hop Happy Belated Birthday? I'm sure she'd enjoy seeing it! :)

First you shall see Mom coming down, then me, then Lydia, and Hannah last. To get hop to come down stairs I asked her if she wanted to play some ping-pong real fast... =D

Love you Hop!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Hope you all have a great day, and remember how Jesus died to set all man free and take their sin upon Himself, if only they are willing to come to Him... He did this for you, and He did this for me. Even though we are great sinners, He is an even Greater God! The God! I will ever rejoice in that!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Kids

The other day Mom and I were watching the kids, they had a movie they brought with them that they wanted to watch. With Mom not able to go down stairs with them, and me working on stuff and unable to go down as well, we let them watch it on my/Dad's laptop. :) They thought that was very cool! =]

They were sitting there so well and nice together that Mom thought it would make for some good pictures.


Faith smiled and looked for one, that was enough for her, she went right back to watching the movie. :)

Later on that same day the boys had gone with Brad and Jessica, and we kept Faith. Once again, Mom and I were busy, and Faith was asking to watch something. This time I was using the laptop, so I set her up at Mom's computer. :)
Well, there you have another post. :) I would have had it up sooner but I used the old camera and the card doesn't go in the laptop and when I tried it in Mom's computer I had to restart it... So, it took me a while to get around to it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Why Can't We Forgive Ourselves?"

As I was going from blog to blog today, I happened upon this blog (A Bit of This and That) and this post (Why Can't We Forgive Ourselves?) that hit close to the heart for me. It meant a lot to me and I just wanted to share it with all those of you that would take the time to read it.

She also has some other neat post and pictures that you may enjoy.

Hope it means as much to you as it did to me!