Friday, March 27, 2009

One Silly Kitty, And One Crazy Meatball

Kitty (Anna), sent this to me today. It has been around a years time that we have known each other. From the day we met we hit it off, and the rest, "is history"! :)
Be sure to click one the picture so you can see kitty up closer. ( Well, you don't want to see me right?!) :)
Year of Memories... crazy, silly, happy, sad, giddy, goofy, trouble, good, fun, hyper, calm, talking, sleepy, jumpy, walking, playing, singing, yelling, laughing, cleaning, swimming, swinging, sledding, drinking (coffee!), eating, smiling, chatting, poking :P, jumping!, hurting, crying, praying, loving, caring, thinking, watching, reading, spelling :), fixing spelling :D, shopping, fighting, carrying, waiting, posting, commenting,
kidding, knowing, understanding...
I love my kitty! :D
And All of my other friends as well! :)
Watch out, you may end up on here some day too! =]
Thanks kitty, for being such a GREAT friend!

Zambia Trip Post 14 Last But Not Least

Our last full day there we thought we would go out to the plot to see how it looked with the cement. It was good and dry (most every where) and neat to be able to walk on.

Taking a look around

Close up =]

Nice and smooth isn't it :)

Length wise

Width wise. Sorry, it really doesn't give you an idea.

You will remember that I said before that 'most' of it was dry. Well, when I was taking this picture I heard a sudden "Ahhh! oh!... Mmmm.... sigh" from over where Dad, Jennifer, and Clara, were.
I found in looking up from this that Dad had found the one place over all the cement that was still a bit moist. *sigh, poor Dad. He met up with the cement rather fast and rather hard. He jarred himself rather bad, and to top it all off we were to be flying out the next day! =0 He was hurting, but I think he's OK now. :) (I'm not so sure how OK I will be when he sees that I put this story on here though:)

Can't tell who did that... =]

The Chicken wanted to write something as well, sadly, we couldn't read it. =]

Alright everyone, that's all for Zambia post from me. If Caleb ever gets anything new (hint, hint) up on his blog you can take a look there, but I gave you almost every picture that was taken while I was over there. I hope that you have enjoyed the posts. :)
Now we have to go back to the same old same old, post. =]
I shall try my best to keep up with posting. With summer coming on I might have more to post! But then again, I might be more so busy and wont be able to post. =] We shall see.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zambia Trip Post 13

Jennifer's new wall hanging. I thought it was rather cool. :)

After the guys got the last of the cement in at Jennifer's house. See all the dust from it?! :)

The last load of blocks, I think these are the 8" ones.

The door frames for the Church, and some bags of cement they just put in.

Up they go

Evans, making it look easy. I tell you what, it was hard to pick up just one of those for me! And the guys are carrying two!

OK, so they are a 'bit' stronger then me =]

Dad, now that's more like how I would do it! :)

Ouch! Those blocks rip at your hands too. The first time Caleb did it, he ended up putting tape on his hands so he would have something left to them when he was done. And that was after all the BIG blisters he had from the work at the plot. =o

Dad walking as fast as he can. :)

I missed who ever was walking by this time, but it's a nice picture of Jennifer's yard! :D

Doesn't Evans look so nicely dressed for the job. :)

Still smiling! :)

Looks like it's getting a bit harder each time.

Up it goes

Getting them all in place

Off to get more

Running now! :)

Jennifer once again watching :)

Looking this way and that... :)

Well all, you still with me? :)
One more post, then we go back to the boring old whatever Bethany thinks to post, when Bethany thinks to post when Bethany has time to post, posts. :) Sorry, I shall very much try. =]
For now though, I hope you have enjoyed thus far. :)

Zambia Trip Post 12

Doing the blocks.
A B C...
Not that kind of blocks! :)

These are the 6" blocks (I think:)

Kenny, putting them up on the truck

Which way do I go, which way do I go? :)

The guys at the other end, getting the blocks off the stack

Jennifer watching (she had carried most of those blocks once, she said there were enough guys, they can do it.:)

Colorful :)

Evans is making quite the face there. =]

Through the bars of my cell...

OK, maybe not. I was just playing around with the camera on the bars of the truck. :)

See :) (I'm free!) :D

Close up on the blocks

A higher view of what's going on

Almost done :) Just one more load! (For the ones that are made) =]

Looks like maybe two more Zambia post, I'll see how fast I can get them up for you all. :)
Hope you're enjoying, I sure am! :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Zambia Trip Post 11

Holding the gate open again with Clara. :)

The fun little stick to the left of the driver car. :) Dad just loved that car... OK, so that's not really true... :) But it was nice to have and we were all thankful for it.

Trees :)

Tree, please don't ask me what kind it is, I don't know, they don't know, do you know?

More green stuff over a fence

I thought this looked cool

Can you tell I was bored? We were all sitting in the car waiting for Dad to be done in the DC's office.

Someone catching some z's


She must be thinking about something funny.

Clara deep in thought.

The Zambian flag

Caleb's back. (don't you all just love my posting?!) :D

Back at home. Kenny's house of cards

With Caleb and I trying, Kenny still was the only one to get it this high. :)

And then he was even adding more and more to it! :)

Time for supper! The green stuff closest to us is okra Clara's way. (We had okra Caleb's way a few day's before. Though Clara makes the best fried chicken ever, I'll stick to Caleb's way if I have to eat okra and I have a say in how it's cooked.) :)

More to come soon Lord Willing.