Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blows My Mind

This is what you get when you put two Bethany's together... a Beach Bums game. =o

Yes, craziness.

Bethany... :)

and Bethany... :D

Wai- snap. hehehe

What a look! =]

Oh yeah! (sun was in my eye)

Cheering. Yeah, the kids in front of us found out real fast how loud it is when you have two Bethany's behind you yelling... :D

Sunburn, and Bethany

Nathan in line for the signing.

Well Bethany, there you go. :)
I tell ya, I was sure glad to have Bethany there to be crazy with. A game can be just out right boring if you aren't crazy for at least a little bit. :) (ok, so I could have just sat and watched the game, but still, that's just not as fun!:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning (and more cleaning)

Yes, that is what we've all been doing for, well, I guess our whole life haven't we?
But this last week or so, we have been doing a LOT of cleaning!
What for you may ask, well, most of you that know me already know I'm sure.
We are getting ready for this, our 2009 ELC Conference.
Yes, a lovely busy, fun, and tiring thing that comes around once a year.
But, what a blessing it always is! I think I get more out of it for myself each year, (that might have to do with me getting older and understanding more things...:)
It is wonderful as well to get to see and fellowship with old and new friends. :)
So, with all that said, please be in prayer for the '09 ELC Conference, that everyone will get here safely, that hearts will be open to what is being taught, that we will have an enjoyable time with one another, and that the Lord will bless the teaching of His word.
Can't wait to see all of you that are coming! (well, maybe some of you I could wait to see.... JK!!!:)