Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trip Time

Dad, Mom, Brad, Jessica, Parker, Carter, Faith, and I all in one van.
Going from MI, to Ohio, and on. :]
The kids did really well, for such a LONG time on the road.
[Carter sleepin]

This is what I could see from where I was sitting. :) When my eye's were open that is. :D

Parker and I. Not long before he fell asleep.

The cool Faithers

2 down, 1 t' go. ( the boy's slept a lot, but not so much Faith)

Here we were drivin along, and there was a car on the side of the road. We thought we'd stop and see if we could be of any help. "Hey, that's Marty and Rachel!"

OK, so that's not really how it happened, but you can ask one of them, cause they know all the story. :) (and it's still going on) I'm sure they would be glad to have you praying for everything with their car to work out well. :]

Rachel, lettin everyone see that you can be "Joyful" even in a hard time. :)

They are still smiling...

Poor car :(

"What's that!?" You just never know what you'll see.
Here come some horses, to go through the McD's drive through. =o


Mr. AAA. :)

Seeing as it was about time to eat, and we were waiting anyway.
We thought we'd get something before the truck got there.
Guess what, they really did go through the drive through... and Brad got proof! :P :)

Day at the Creation Museum! Don't the kid's look so happy? :]



Isn't he cute??? :) Jess and I thought so, then Dad said "maybe, but he could really hurt you I'm sure" :)

That's a good boy... aaahhh he bit my hand!!!

Poor little thing...

These 2 are for you Rhonda. :)

Noah and all the work done on the Ark

It was neat to see all the tree's cut down all around

This was neat, the sinful people that laughed at Noah for doing what God told him to...
and then it came to being not so funny

Faith was gettin me with her snake and laughing so hard about it so I was trying to get a pic of her. This is what I got. :)

Time to eat! in Noah's Cafe

Little miss piggy :) Papa, and Parker. (sorry bout the blurr)

Carter and Grandma

Dad, up close

OK, the pix are WAY out of order, sorry bout that.
The 7 C's of time.
Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.

A dig

:) Cool, isn't it

:) I like the "Though Shalt Not Touch! Please" signs

Martin Luther

Mom outside

Can you guess what this is?
"look Faith! smile" "or not"
Spider! :)
A look out side. It was a wet day, so we weren't out there long.

hmm... I don't know what to say for this one.
Aren't we all so happy?! :) maybe not.
Snake! AH!!!!
What do you get when you are not looking around you??? :[

Fun, fun, fun!!! :)

Time to eat again!!! Can anyone guess where??? :]
Papa, staid good and clean. :D
My sis and I :D
Mmmmm....... frosty!
And on the road again....
The End (of this post)
OH, and some where in there we went to the Beatty's church, and saw everyone there.
even Josh. see Josh, I didn't get the cam out till 2mn b4 we were leaving. so that mean's I didn't get any pix that I was going to put on here. so that and every one that would really care would already know. so that is why, you happy now???