Monday, May 5, 2008

Church Cleaning! :)

If you're smiling, are you really working hard? or a happy worker? :)

Why are we keeping this???

I didn't know they had the water out! :( hehehe :D

I like how Mrs. R and T are both working, as the guys... :)

Doing some light work. :)

Joyful work! :D

Can you tell the ones they have done from the ones they haven't?
Such hard work! :)

Sorry not a very good pic, but I wanted you to be able to
see most of those that were there.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone!!!
The church is now clean!
(Now for the outside) :)


Rhonda said...

With Lora, I would have to say a "Happy Worker". She is always smiling. :)

Amber said...

That was a fun day. Thanks BSBT, for not putting up any ones of me! :)
I did like the hat tho...

BSBT said...

MB, you are on there

Anna Joy said...

I see Amber! Looks like I didn't miss much! hehe well I'll be around for the painting though cuz I LOVE to paint!!!

Dale said...

LOL, MBR wanna come to MY house and paint?