Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here's our crazy bird Rhonda

The other day we kept hearing something out side, and
really couldn't tell what in the world it was! Dad went out
and saw this silly bird. :) It was loud! You could hear it all
over town! :) Weird thing was it wasn't the only one doing it!

Have a great day!!!
(if you want to that is, I wont make you if you don't want)


Rhonda said...

Ha! Too funny. I only thought our bird was gone. It must have just been resting on Sunday. He is back this morning and starting to get on my nerves. This new bird sure is pretty to look at though!

Anna Joy said...

Flickers! We have one!

Anna Joy said...

Hehe, wehn I saw the title I thought it was your crazy bird named Rhonda. A well placed comma would do some good there. :)

Amber said...

It looks like a Woodpecker to me. But then again if everyone says that some paint looks like a mis-shaped UFO, i say it looks like a Surfing Monkey. (Cause it is! :P!)