Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney Part One

Long Drive To Aunt Carlene's and Uncle Jack's!
Thankful for earbuds and a splitter. =]
Can you tell what they are watching. First one to guess right wins first place!!! ;) That's all you win though. :)
Mercy hiding in a top'a'tote. =]
Aunt Carlene made a cake for Faith's really real Birthday. :)
And strawberry cupcakes! :D
And here is Faith's super happy face!...
That's better. :)
Mmmm, looks good...
Mercy reading out on the swing.

At the air port bright and early!
We take up a lot of seats. :)
Kids with our plane.

Waiting for the bus to take us to Disney! :D (Am I starting to sound like a little kid?)
So, excited... =]
And yes, Mercy fell asleep just a little before we landed. She has good timing like that.. not! :)
At our resort waiting for our bus to come take us to the park!
Here we are! Hollywood Studios!
Star tours ride! (It was much better this time, they've updated it from the 70's like ride it was before. :)
C-3PO! Sorry about the scary eyes! :)
Toy story ride! One of the best rides I must say. :)
Oh yeah, our first night we tried getting a out door night show in, with fireworks and lights and everything. Yeah, it down poured. We tried to see the same show a couple nights later, guess what, same thing! But we did get to see it on our third try at least! :)
The only reason we left was the kids, (Mostly Parker) were crying and upset and begging to go back to our rooms. But we had to stand there waiting for our bus. And since the rain had stopped, we could hear the show ended up starting after all. :P
We were all rather wet through though.
Good times!
The first night I had Cater and Faith in my room. I had gone into the bathroom to get ready for bed, and when I came out I couldn't see Faith?! She was way down, almost all the way under the covers. :)
First day at the Magic Kingdom!
Chip'n Dale
Mmm, Tortuga! They had really good food there!
Pirate Bradly, Arrrg.
Pirates' ride!

Haunted Mansion
Splash Mountain.
Up we go!
Oh no!
Me dot wet.
Wet girlies
Sleepy Mercy
Sweet Carter
Zerg, ahhh!!!
Pirate Carter

This one's so cute!
Mercy and our piggy bank
Piggy banks!

Chip'n Dale

Silly Pluto had to sign the kids books on his nose. :)
Mercy really liked seeing all of the characters!.. From far enough away that they couldn't touch her! :)

Pool time! Yeah and guess what, I didn't get in any farther then my knees! Too cold for me. :)
Little swimmer
Faith and Brad
Haha, Looks like Faith back handed Brad. ;)

Headed back to our rooms
Baby swap, I got to stay with Mercy at the same spot I waited with Faith a few years ago. Time to pull out old pictures!

There they are!

Dug and Russell

While waiting to see Mickey the kids and I were watching for lizards :D
Eeyore! Jessica's favorite! =]
Monkey kidos

Sometimes I think they had more fun waiting for the buses than in the parks

Each day when we would come back to our rooms the maids had put the kids pets in our windows. :)

Parker wanted his picture with them too, but everyone was in a hurry to got in the rooms, so this was what we got. :]
That's all for now, but much more to come!