Friday, November 16, 2012

The Next Set From Disney!

Faith's real Birthday!
And Back to Disney!
In line for the Toy Story ride! (One of the best!)
Parker and Cater with Woody

Brad and Mercy
Almost there!
Down the steps (I know, I'm really into this captioning right now aren't I?)  =]
Brad with Parker and Mercy, than Jessica with Faith.
And Carter was with me!
Ready to shoot some plates!
Here he comes!
Carter's score and Mine.
Not even close! =]
This is a cool ride, but none of us went on it this time. :)
This was our first try at seeing this show. It took two other tries before we didn't get rained out!
Where the theater is.
Sleepy girl
They all look sleepy! :)
Jessica writing down all we'd done that day
Parker :)
This is the next day.
Aladdin's magic carpets, Mercy LOVED this ride! It was so fun hearing her giggle the whole time!

Pig Tails flyin'
Wish I could have gotten a better picture of Mercy, she laughed so much!

Aladdin and Jasmin

Marching band
Waiting for the parade
Mercy sees something!
Next day- Jungle safari
Mercy slept threw the whole ride this time

Deerish thing ;)
Aff ;)

How would you like to carry your A/C around on your head like that! :D


Baby Elephant

Pink Flamingos (Proof that you are what you eat!) =]
Lazy cats!

Somethings ;)
Big Bird Mwahahahah! (I shouldn't post when I'm like this!)
Oh No!
Blast off!!!

All powerful Bradly

Parker :)
Cater looking like he's getting his head chopped off!
Parker's turn on the chopping block
Buzz and Woody
Again, Next day! Faith
Well? =D
We were in a new part of the park they aren't opening up to everyone till December, so Brad took lots of pictures!
Parker with the cool drinking fountains
Cater, haha!
Pretending to play the drums
Faith and her funny faces
See =]

In Belle's house
(Snow White and you pick their names. ;)
Silly girl

Me reading in French to Faith. (Bet you didn't know I could do that huh?! :)
Coco puffs
Cool light
The picture grew and became a doorway for use to go threw.
See it getting bigger?
The wardrobe was in the next room, full of props for most of the kids to play a part in the story
Faith got to be one of the laughing pictures, she did so well! :D
Cater was picked to be the Beast!
In the next room we surprised Belle
This was a new thing like I said. And we were within the first few to get to try it out. We all thought it was GREAT!
Beauty and the Beast :D
How cool it was for the kids to play along with the story, and get to interact with Belle!
Walking around

This was sweet (Good Shot Brad!)

Carter decided he didn't feel well, so they had to get someone else to take the last bow for him. :)
Faith with Belle
Jessica showing that we approved!
See, there's work going on. :)
New stuff
It just stinkin' makes us want to go back to see the new stuff! :P
Alright, well that's all for this post. Bit long huh? Yeah,mm I have another two or three more to come! :D