Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Is This I Spy?

It looks like....

Someone walked through here that was not so clean...
Anyone have a guess?

Here are a couple of hints- 1. The person was not barefoot, that meas it can't of been me. :D
2. This looks to be about a size 11 or 12, so I don't think it was mom...

We are having what some people around here like to call a "heat wave"

Very NICE sunny days

Snow melting slowly away

Never fear! It won't be gone too long! :D

Aren't you all glad to hear that? =]

Oh, and here is for all of you that aren't very good spy's and didn't guess who it was by my oh so 'hard' hints above.
Seeing as it was so nice out today dad was very thoughtful and cleaned out the chimney, seeing as it needed it oh so much before we went to Zambia. Speaking of Zambia, the time is coming up fast! Just two more days! =} If any of you would like to follow us on our trip you can go here- and hopefully dad will be able to keep up with it while we are gone. Hope you enjoy!
And please, if you would pray for us while we are gone, we would be very grateful. :)
Natotela! or Thank you! =]

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Crazy Kids

Brad, Jessica, and kids came over the other night and I thought I'd get some pictures of the kids for everyone to see.
Faith had (as you can see) an Apple, Cheez-it's, and a Carrot Cake thing. And she ate them all! (Tried to do it all at once, but mean ol' Aunt Bethany stoped her)

Mr. Parker was pouting about something

And not very happy that I was enjoying taking his picture so much when he was not happy

"What are you lookin' at?"

"Oh! I don't know if I shall ever make it through all this!"

"JUST KIDDING! I can eat just about everything!"

Goofy Carter

Yet SOOO cute!

And silly! =]

What a face!

I think Jessica looks sleepy. :)

Mr. Cheezy

Grandma, and Parker, working on Phase 10

"HUH?" =]

"Get one of me and Faither's doggy!"

Still not very happy I have the camera

Well, that's what I have for now! Hope you enjoy!
Might get one or two more posts up before heading to Zambia on the 10th, but we'll see. =]