Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!! (And everyone else too.:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hope You All Have A Great One!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Concert/Carolling

This is all you get for now, sorry.

Here is a thank you to the Reeds for hosting all of us at their house, and to the Fairlambs for putting everything together for the Carolling.

Everyone had a great time! And I pray we were a blessing to those we sang to.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some From D.C.

Just so we'd know where we parked the car. :) It's a big place ya know!

Only the beginning of a LOT of walking

Only the beginning of mom sitting waiting on us. :)

(It's WAY better in person!)
(Same here)

Lydia, doing what she does best. :)

Bethany, doing what she does best. (Standing there that is.) :D
Trying to figure out how many stars there are on the wall behind us. =] Took till Dad came over and helped us. =)

I see you! :)

Viet Nam Womans Memorial

Breath-taking, all the names

I thought it was laid out a little weird, but it was neat all the same.

Viet Nam Men's Memorial

'I'm feeling small right about now'

Pointing up to God. :D

I'll say this much, it's a lot bigger then you think it is!

She's doing it again. :)

(His side burns are longer than my hand! =)

This was really neat how they were etched into the wall
And this was neat seeing all that they would have had to carry and go through.
Looking on in wonder
Here's a Thank You! to those who over the many years, have fought to keep up free!
Deep in thought...

So true... it came at a great cost, so great that neither you nor I could pay. There is but one that could pay such a great price! And He did! So many years ago now, but so close at hand...
He has paid the price, but will you accept what He did for you? Will you take this gift of true freedom that He holds out to you?
If you do not know what I mean by what I have said above, go ahead and ask, please. I would like to help you understand.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More of our PA Trip


The Bluer :D

Lydia and Molly :)
Just playin' around. =]

Lydia and I did a swap.

This is what you get for making a face at the camera

Lindsey and her girls from work.
Kyle and Katie

Flight 93
I spy 27 crosses, how many can you spy?
So much to see
The wind up there is amazing, and yet, it seems so calm.

Lydia, looking on.

More looking.

Where the flag is is where the plane went down.

Notes for those who care to see.
(Hey look! Some one left a Cannon Reb! OH, wait that's Lydia's and if you so much as touch it your in trouble!) =]

For what little it may mean to others.

Lest we forget...

Every day people willing to do what's right...

Lydia, again doing what she does best. :)

It's fun when we are just driving along and I can go, "Hey Dad, can we stop and let Lydia get some pictures?" :)