Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More of our PA Trip


The Bluer :D

Lydia and Molly :)
Just playin' around. =]

Lydia and I did a swap.

This is what you get for making a face at the camera

Lindsey and her girls from work.
Kyle and Katie

Flight 93
I spy 27 crosses, how many can you spy?
So much to see
The wind up there is amazing, and yet, it seems so calm.

Lydia, looking on.

More looking.

Where the flag is is where the plane went down.

Notes for those who care to see.
(Hey look! Some one left a Cannon Reb! OH, wait that's Lydia's and if you so much as touch it your in trouble!) =]

For what little it may mean to others.

Lest we forget...

Every day people willing to do what's right...

Lydia, again doing what she does best. :)

It's fun when we are just driving along and I can go, "Hey Dad, can we stop and let Lydia get some pictures?" :)


Amanda said...

When I saw that first picture I had to take a double take. I had forgotten that Kyle and Katie had moved there. :)Looks like you had fun.

Rhonda said...

I think I know some of those people! :) Maybe they are just look alikes.