Friday, March 30, 2012

Taking Food To The Kids, and Jeremy's Birthday

The back all full of food for the month for the kids.


Jennifer eating her donut. The rest of us had meat pies. But I was to busy stuffing my face with its yummy goodness to think of taking a picture. =]

A few less things.

I was trying to give you an idea of how bad the road was that we had just gone over, but you can't tell at all how bad the roads are from these pictures. I'm going to have to try better.

Dropping food off

And saying hello

As always, I sit and take the pictures while Jennifer and Clara do all the work. ;)

Jennifer with Faith. :)

Girls getting water from the well.


And this is a nice road

Again, you can't tell how steep this is. It's really bad.

The wonderful driver. Though there were quite a few "CLUNKS" the car couldn't have been in better hands. :)

Just taking pictures as we're going along...

Then just as I take this picture my heart stopped! For I realized that it was police! (They could have taken my camera away had they wanted to.) Thankfully they just laughed and shook their finger. But I was pretty scared there for a moment! :)

Hair saloon ;)

Back home and resting after a long and busy morning. How do you like my new outfit that Jennifer got me?! My favorite soccer team too! :D

For Jeremy's birthday we thought we'd have pizza and chocolate cake.

So here we find Jennifer working on the cake

and I did up the cheese =]

While Clara cut up 5lbs of green peppers! :) Ok, so it wasn't that much, but it was a lot. We all like peppers though. :D

The pizza sauce cooking

Me showin' my way cool new outfit, with the Zambian team calender. :)


Jalapenos too! Yummyness!

Ready to eat!

Frosting the cake.

Yummy Goodness

Topped off with yummy cake!

It was a good day. Fun to be together and be able to remember the best brother ever on his birthday! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

School Time And Ice Cream :)

We went to help Catherine a little with the school, and watch the kids have ice cream for their first time. :) This truck was in front of us on the way. I find it very funny how they go about transporting things over here. :)
Shhh ;)
Catherine teaching writing.
And Jennifer and I got to help out. :)

Big O, little o. I think I got really good at making Os, but maybe it wasn't me at all!? :)

Also we were making sure they put their letters two fingers apart.

Who brought the camera? It's so distracting! ;)

As you can see I am behind a little, seeing as this was Wednesday. But I'm almost caught up now! :)
Window seat

The LOVE seeing them self on the camera! =]

Ice Cream time! :D

The REALLY liked it! :)
A few of them were saying it made them cold, and their tongue felt strange. :)

They got about half way through their ice cream, and their lunch was ready. :)

Even here...

After we took some of the kids home, it was our turn to eat! :)
Chicken lolly pops. They were yummy. :)
See, Jen likes them! :)
Real Indian food. Yeah. Mmm.

What do you think of Jennifer's hair net? =]
Jen wanted to know what she looked like while she's asleep. :)

Playing games
Every baby loves cell phones
Nap time
We had the true tools of the trade. Knife, Fork... whatever works. :)
I'm not sure it didn't get me the way my hair looks in that picture. =}

Ever had a toy car like this?

Headed home.

And now for the pictures from today! Oh boy! =]