Thursday, June 28, 2012

400th post!!! =]

Frankfort With My Boonstra Family. :)
At A&W I ordered Cheese fries, and just to be good I got a side salad as well.
My salad came with onions on it, and though I can eat them I don't always care for onions. So at first I took them all off and put them on the side. Then I thought no, I'll be good and eat them. So I cut them up and put my ranch on, then I got a sneeky idea... "Mercy, do you want an onion, with ranch on it?!" Mercy, "Ahuh!" So I put the ring on her finger, and she ate it!
No face or anything, she just ate it! So mean old aunt Bethany that I am... "Mercy, do you want another one?!" Mercy, "Ahuh!" LOL! In the end I thought hey, if she'll eat them and like them, I'll give them all to her! Guess what, she ate every last one of them! =] Funny girl.
The masked Parker
Not really sure what Carter's going for here. :)
One of my most favorite couples. :)

Fun in the water

Well, for the kids that is

True beach bums. :)


Out to the Lighthouse we go

Or as Mercy would say, "Light! House!" :D I was holding her on the way out, and a helicopter went over, helicopter being a long and complicated word, I shortend it for Mecry and said "Chopper". A little later  she looked around and said, "Where'd, chopper, go?" :) I love it.
Family Picture
 I love Faith in this one! :)
 And Me. :)
Mercy with her toy gun going around pointing it at herself and saying to others, "Hands, Up!"
 Silly girl. :)
Well, that's all for now folks. :) Hope you enjoyed my catching up day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


After Church a couple of Sunday's ago Renee found this little beauty.
It was likely hit by a car, because one of it's wings were messed up bad enough it couldn't controll it's flight.

Still very pretty though. :)

ELC Conference

Owl at Mrs. Shepherd's house.
And my little friend on the porch.

The kids singing

Mr. Portakalian leading the singing

 Pastor Anthony Garrisi Preaching
Parstor Keith Hoover
Mom and Mrs. Hoover talking

The owl again.

Pastor Phil Jonker

Danny... Ahem, I mean Pastor Dan Zike. ;)

Miss Clara Burton

Pastor Kevin Marshal.

Little bit'a cuteness

Mercy's long lost twin. Or so it seemed. She would run by and I'd come so close to picking her up, then I realized she probably would freek out if I did! :)

She was a cutie though

Me and Danny :D
(He isn't preaching in this picture, I can call him that right?;)
My father, Pastor Ben Townsend, giving part of the ELC briefing.

Bro. Burton. Wow he did a good job! You can tell he's loving this stuff! :)

Bro. Keith giving his part.

While some of the guys went to play golf, and others napped, I ended up staying at the Church and helping Mrs. Hoover playing games with the kids.
It turned out to be lots of fun, and we even got to hear the southern story of the Three Little Pigs. ;)

Mrs. Shepherd with her newest Grandson Benjamin Townsend Shepherd. :)

Dad and Keith

Dad presenting Keith with Pastor Wright's coffee mug.

Baby dedication

Josh with both Benjamin Townsends :)

Pastor Shepherd always liked having the Pastors come up and sing a song, so Keith had them all come up to keep it going. :)

 Of those that preached I missed getting pictures of Pastor Mike Hoover, Pastor Ben Mott, and Pastor Tim Boffey.
After preaching dad's 'helpers' got him a big bowl of his ice cream. :D

He enjoyed every last bite! :)

Looks comfy huh

Lydia Hoover. :)

Saying good bye to Mrs. Shepherd.
We went over to Josh and Lora's to pick up Mrs. Smith to come home. But before we left we got a quick tour of the farm.

I didn't really get to see Jonathan very much, but I had fun carrying him around the farm and letting him tell me all about everything. :)

Thought I may as well throw these two pictures in here. I think this was the next day after we got home, Carter got all the way through one of his school books, and wanted pictures to show Brad and Jessica. :)

That's Carter for you. :)