Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

We sure did! :)

You know the story right, how the Indians brought the mac'n'cheeze... :)
(Sandy's home made for ya right there!)

Sweets! (Oh my!)

Parker trying some out.

I think he liked it. :)

There are sweet potatoes under there somewhere. :D

Green beans

Ahuh, real good for you I'm sure!

Oh my! Mashed potatoes!

Cyndy made them for us. Wow!

Brad and his Turkey.

"Where do I start?"

"Right here! Mahhahaha...." =]

Ouch, poor bird. It was rather tasty though. :D

This is the before picture.

Cyndy and Faith

Carter, ready to eat.

Faith being silly

Parker showing off his meat. =]

So cute. =)

Who knows what she's doing. :)

Sandy, and Cyndy. It was very nice that they could both come up and spend the time with us.

Waiting to sit down to eat.

Yes, Parker did eat it right off the leg! It grossed Jessica out though! =]

Digging in, and boy did he!

Mounding on the food.

Smiles before the full pain. :)

Like dad's tie?

Self photo

The one taken of me

The kids saying what they were thankful for

They had some funny things they were thankful for. :)


Miss marker mouth

The after pictures

Can you tell we ate anything.

Hardly can tell we ate anything?

Clean up

Oh my! Pies!

(That's not all of them.)

Well, I'm full! I don't know about any of you, but I hope you are.
If not of food, but of love, and thankfulness for everything God has given you, or not given you. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Huntin' Season!

The story- Last night Mom was sitting at her computer, and started hearing some noises, (as did I) coming from the kitchen, so she told Dad about it. He being the wise man that he is, went down stairs to get the mouse traps! :D Well, after setting the traps Dad thought he'd sit in the kitchen and listen for a little while... in the dark! While we were all sitting doing our own thing (Mom at her computer, Dad sitting in the kitchen, me sitting at the laptop) straining our ears for anything, Dad all of the sudden JUMPED! It was so loud, and such a thud, that Mom and I were sure the mouse had done something to him! :) Well, it ended up that his cellphone had buzzed and scared him half to death, leading him to scare Mom and I half to death! =]

Well, the kids called to ask if they could all come down for a little while last night, so they did.
While the boys were playing ping pong with Papa, Brad took on the task of trying to get that mouse.
After a lot of searching around for evidence, and not really finding any, he came back and just sat with us in the living room for a little bit. After some time had passed he thought he'd go back and try again. Before he even got to the kitchen again we all hear this HUGE falling of something loud!
This time I was looking into it! :)
It ended up being a bag of mixed nuts that had fallen. No sign of a mouse.
So all that to say, we didn't get the mouse, but Brad was rather funny looking while trying to find it! :)

This is he, looking for the unseen mouse.

Do you think he's missing anything he might need?

Editor's note: These pictures were taken last night, and he did dress up just for the hunt.
Not even kidding! :)

Have a day! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Post Long In Coming...

Written and Illustrated by- MaryBeth SunnyD R.
Published by-BSBT inc. all rights reserved.

The Story

Hope you start feeling better soon MB! :)