Sunday, June 27, 2010

Girly Girl Miss Faith :)

Those are her real nails, though it doesn't seem right for a 3 year old to have such long ones.
Sure made it easy for me to paint them though! :)

Faith is so funny about the camera. =]

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Little Man Cater

We were getting the kids ready for Church Thursday night, I cleaned Carter's face with a washcloth and then asked him if we should spike his hair. He said no, he had another idea!
He came back into the kitchen with his Church cloths on and his hair combed just right!
He was so cute!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad! :)

For Church the kids are making their fathers pies for after lunch.
They kept saying Dad couldn't have any...

I had another idea.
(Sorry the coloring is so bad, it really looks good in person, but don't feel like being picky with my camera right now! And by the time I feel like really trying to get a better picture, it will be all gone. =])
The only thing he shouldn't have in this pie is the apples, and that's not 'too' bad.
I hope it's good, it sure smells good right now! :)
Hope you enjoy Dad!
Love You!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Silly Kids! :D

John David, that's quite the outfit. :)

Look at that tongue! =)

James is so silly! =]

Parker o' th' Hood

I LOVE these of Carter!

Isn't that great! :D

And here he is showing himself as the true goofball he really is. =]


What a face! :D

Miss bright eyes!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Drawing For Megs

Megs eating day old chips that I hadn't thrown out yet.

She didn't like them, but she ate most all of them just because they were there. =]

She saw one of my pictures I had done for fun, and asked my if I would draw her one.

So we picked one out and I started to.

While awaiting me, Megs had fun with my new camera, and all the fun things I have in my room.

Still working

Megs, still waiting. :) The other kids kept coming in, and found out what fun stuff I have in my room! :)
AGXc/PlCmDWk3xV0/s400/For+Megs+014.jpg" border=0>
The empty chip bowl. Morgs helped Megs clean it out. =}

Still working...

and being silly. =]

Almost done enough to give it to her. (Though had I kept at it I would have been doing touch-ups for hours!)
alt="" src="" border=0>
JohnDavid gave me only so long or else... So I had to get done fast as I could! (Ok ok, just kidding. I told you the kids had fun with my room!) =]

"Is that good enough for you Megs?"

She seemed happy enough with it. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Snap...

This morning I got up and was heading to get my shower when I heard a sudden "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" coming from the Kitchen.
In much wonder, I dropped all my stuff off and headed to see what might cause such a yell.
Come to find out, Mom had seen a mouse run under the cabinets.
So being the wonderful daughter that I am, I laughed, and then asked if she wanted me to set some traps. So just before heading off to Church I did.
After a very full day, when I got home Dad told me he had put some peanut butter on the traps seeing as we didn't have a mouse yet. (The pack said you didn't need anything on them, but Dad knows what the mice like. :)

So after a full day of being set, and not getting the mouse.
Maybe 20 minutes after Mom and Dad left, Snap!
I went out a bit later, and there he was.
Isn't it cute!? =]

Poor little thing got it's arm... ok, so it got it's neck in there too. :)

I would have said a prayer over the trash can, but it stunk too bad.
But at least the little thing had a fast death and didn't know much pain.

We may get another one, this one seemed small to me, and Mom saith the one she saw looked a little fat. So we shall see.