Saturday, April 6, 2013

Times With Jen

As soon as we got her home. :)
Standing in front of the heater all bundled up.

 Faith with her Oreos, she rolls the filling all together in a ball.
 Shopping with Jen and my twin.
 Megos hair. :)
 Out to eat.
 Ready, aim, fire!
 At John. ;)
 After we were done eating. I think I was on my third Pepsi here. That does sound like a LOT for me. Just keep in mind as I was serving Jen I spilled at least 3/4ths of one in my lap. It was cold!
 My buddy. Mind you I am only one of his many girlfriends... :)

 Grandma time.
 Mercy's favorite thing to do. Read books!
 Even to herself.
 Ladies night at Jessica's Church
 Killing time :)
 No face?

 Have you ever complained about the sun in your eyes while playing pool? :) I can now say I have.
 But it makes some pretty cool pictures.

 I'm pondering telling you that one of the persons in this photo is Brad's dad or not...
 My Sisters!
Jennifer got pulled into this game.
 Pulling all the tissues out of the box with only one hand!

 I got pulled into this game. Had to pull all the streamer off the roll with these two holding them on a pen for me. We won! :D
 Heidi was picked from our team to a tie breaker. A cookie was placed on their foreheads and they had to get it to their mouth without their hands. :D Note: I'm pretty sure Heidi said these weren't allowed on facebook. Pretty sure she didn't say anything about my blog. ;)
 In! And she had it in as fast as I took these pictures too! It was quite funny!
 Oh, more pool :D
 Auction time. (That's what the money was for)
 Twins? Nope. And people still ask who's older!
 Silly Jen

 Clean up
Jen got her eyes checked and they gave her these awesome sunglasses. 
(The straw wrapper is for foreground) ;)
 There I look like the younger one.
 Putting my name on my cup with a toothpick. It worked till I poked it through... :/
 The kidos with Aunt Jennifer and the great Aunt Sara. :)

 Carter building with Uncle Scott

 Brad and Jessica cooking
 Playing games
 Brad, Jessica, and Uncle Dan

 I like sleeping.
Kitty :D
 Watching a movie.
 Cheese its

 Little ladie
 Playing the Wii.

 Being silly
The end of this post! Hope you enjoy. If not, it wasn't for your enjoyment. :)