Thursday, September 20, 2012

Munising Part 2

Glass bottom shipwreck tours

Getting instructed on how to put our seats up so we could see through the glass underneath.

Dad holding the pin.
Part of one of the ships
Two fish and a side of the ship.
This is a pretty good shot.

This guy lost about 30 feet of his front yard one day, it just washed out and he had to pull his house back. =~0

Eagle Nest

I would tell you what these all where, but I really don't know. ;)

On the way back I rode up top.
Coming in.
Getting ready to enjoy our late lunch. Pasties! :)
You really can't go for a trip to the U.P. without having one. :)

Quick stop in Marquette
At the beach for a bit.
Another mushroom =]


The kid in the water. ;)

Water fight. =]

And Dad almost falls in. :}

The end. It was a lovely trip. =] Hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures at least. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trip to Munising part 1

Trying out sunglasses.
Cafe we `almost ate at. :)

Where we did end up eating. =]
Yeah, sorry. This struck my as funny.
Sand point.
Red sand.

Dad, and Mom.

Someone thought they'd climb a tree...

I looked away for two seconds to get these two pictures of Mom,
And I turn around...
To find someone on the ground. ;)

Mushrooms in the sand.

Aw. :)

The sign.
The Picture Rocks Sunset Tour.
Oh, me. (In my new stand in sunglasses. I stepped on my blue Zambia ones about an hour before we left. :`(  Sad day. Well, not all of it.)
The Captain
Boat, water, land, sky, sun.
Ok, I'm not going to caption all of these. :]
The Lighthouse on Grand Island.

Half of the people bottom deck of our boat. =]


They say people tell them they see faces and all kinds of things in the rocks all of the time. I saw a heart, is that good? =]
You see the Greenish Blue in the rock? Yup, Copper.
This tree gets all of it's life source from those roots that run a bridge to land. I thought it was pretty cool.

Tree jumping in! =]

Lover's leap. (That's what they called it. But you wouldn't want to leap off of there since there is only about two feet of water underneath!)


 Mmm, Subway Pizza!
End of part one. Stay tuned for part two coming hopefully soonly.