Thursday, September 20, 2012

Munising Part 2

Glass bottom shipwreck tours

Getting instructed on how to put our seats up so we could see through the glass underneath.

Dad holding the pin.
Part of one of the ships
Two fish and a side of the ship.
This is a pretty good shot.

This guy lost about 30 feet of his front yard one day, it just washed out and he had to pull his house back. =~0

Eagle Nest

I would tell you what these all where, but I really don't know. ;)

On the way back I rode up top.
Coming in.
Getting ready to enjoy our late lunch. Pasties! :)
You really can't go for a trip to the U.P. without having one. :)

Quick stop in Marquette
At the beach for a bit.
Another mushroom =]


The kid in the water. ;)

Water fight. =]

And Dad almost falls in. :}

The end. It was a lovely trip. =] Hope you enjoyed a few of the pictures at least. :)

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Lily said...

beautiful pictures, Bethany!