Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stuff, stuff and MaryBeth's shower =]

Parker doing the dishes 
 It's great when they beg to help out with work. :)

 Jammies and Tennies
 Stole these from fb
 Starwood group
 Last time on the stairs. (I got a good workout each day carrying Mercy up and down those stairs..!)
 In the gym

 Oh look, another $5 ;)
 Now :)
 Playing with Hop's hair for the wedding.
 Cilla's just for fun, :)
 She may be mad at me when she's older, but what else am I to do while I wait? And she's just so cute!
 Ha! Katie took it upon herself to clean out the cheese bowl after Church. :)
 Strange snow
 This picture cracks me up! At a glance it looks like they are holding hand... :D You can kill me, but you can't get this off without my password... :D
 'Nother $5, worth it. It's a sweet one.
 White sunglasses and Cool. :)
 Only a few will get this. Dear dear Whovians. ;)
Up and coming
 MaryBeth's Shower!
 Bubble gum game
 Funny =]



 Gross lol
 Faith, you are adorable. :)
 We go together as only a kitty and meatball could.
 Darling kitty, you are so "cray cray" :D
 I know, I'm mean.
 Have we added it all up yet? I know these aren't great, but they crack me up anyways. ;)

More to come! Also, random note. This is post 444 :D

Starwood Ranch

Girls Devos
 Mercy playing with my phone
 The eating challenge ;) Anything from a raw onion, to frozen green beans, to powdered cheese... :P
And you don't know what you're going to get!

 The kids playing the Wii
Little Mixed up, but I left for the ranch after Church on Jennifer's last Sunday, so that's why these are in here.

 The Schedule. :)
 Brad talking on the phone. (The only place you can)
 Hanging out
 I want food..
 Working on skits
 More Wii
 Others working on skits
 Brad and Michael in the Dining hall
 Jessica washing dishes
 Michael washing baby :)
 Playing my phone

 Mercy holding Jessica's mic for her ;)
 Ha! funny one!
 Sitting on the invisible bench.
 Rocket ship...! So funny! ask me sometime in person! it was funny!
 Brad instructing for games

 Group hug
 Crazy ball
 From outside

 Mercy and I were shooting the batters :D
 She's good with a nerf gun!
 Faith up to bat!

 "Cheese smile"

The end! we had a great exhausting time! :)