Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stuff, stuff and MaryBeth's shower =]

Parker doing the dishes 
 It's great when they beg to help out with work. :)

 Jammies and Tennies
 Stole these from fb
 Starwood group
 Last time on the stairs. (I got a good workout each day carrying Mercy up and down those stairs..!)
 In the gym

 Oh look, another $5 ;)
 Now :)
 Playing with Hop's hair for the wedding.
 Cilla's just for fun, :)
 She may be mad at me when she's older, but what else am I to do while I wait? And she's just so cute!
 Ha! Katie took it upon herself to clean out the cheese bowl after Church. :)
 Strange snow
 This picture cracks me up! At a glance it looks like they are holding hand... :D You can kill me, but you can't get this off without my password... :D
 'Nother $5, worth it. It's a sweet one.
 White sunglasses and Cool. :)
 Only a few will get this. Dear dear Whovians. ;)
Up and coming
 MaryBeth's Shower!
 Bubble gum game
 Funny =]



 Gross lol
 Faith, you are adorable. :)
 We go together as only a kitty and meatball could.
 Darling kitty, you are so "cray cray" :D
 I know, I'm mean.
 Have we added it all up yet? I know these aren't great, but they crack me up anyways. ;)

More to come! Also, random note. This is post 444 :D


Faith34 said...

Nice pics! :D

Anna Joy said...

I see you're enjoying your new ability to publicize pictures of Seth and me....

Eric said...

Yes i think we have multiplied, added, subtracted, and divided, and yet still we cannot explain the awesomeness of publicizing something so incredibly funny!! I have to say though..such a gentleman

Faith34 said...

They are adorable....aren't they? :D
Love ya Kitty!

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