Friday, April 16, 2010

Anything and Everything

Summer, yet being content in this state we are in... Ya never know, we could still get some more snow! :D

New stuff popping up to say hello

Silly Carter

Funny Face Faith


I had this bright idea to have the kids go out and pick all the dandelions before they went to seed. They had fun with it. =]

Cater, playing on the compost pile

Katie helped Hannah and I make some stuff for the Ladies Banquet. :)

See! =]

The kids playing a game with Grandma.
Faith with the mask on from Aunt Jennifer.

Parker thinking about his next move

The little 'good' eater!

Parker making a funny face for the camera
Hope you enjoyed!
Have a day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Why, you may ask.
This is the day that the Lord made, that's why!
Shouldn't every day be a great day?!
Let's rejoice in Him, no matter what this day may hold.
Joy or sadness, He still made it for His glory!
Let's not let the busyness of the day, pull us away from praising Him, and putting Him, first in all we do! Today, and everyday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is a day to Rejoice in, a day to Remember, and be Thankful for!

For He Is Risen!
As He said he would-
He died.
As He said He would-
He is willing to take away our sins.
As He said He would-
He Is Risen!
And as He said He would-
He is coming again!
Are you ready?
Do you know Him?
He's waiting for you with open arms.