Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cyndy and Sandy!

 At the dunes
 My tree. (I do realize that many others may think this is their tree, it's not. It's mine!) :)

 I told the kids to all run way up, and come running back at me

 I love this one!
 And this one! :)
 Faith and Piper

 Brad and the girls
 Sand angels
 Little one
 She walked a ways back up, and then jest got down and curled up like she was going to sleep.
 All the kidos

The boys

 Mercy and Brad, just chillin

 With her walking stick
 I had forgotten how much fun it is to climb trees!

The view below
 Mercy (this was as close as she would come)
 Cyndy and Piper
 Mom and Jessica
 The kids hanging out :)
 Carter's such a ham
 Enjoying myself
The kids wanted to come up in the tree. I said if they wanted to they had to climb on their own, otherwise they weren't allowed. They didn't make it, but soon I think. :)

 I love this shot! I didn't even know I had gotten him in it till I looked later!
 Little miss Mercy
 Cyndy, Mom and Sandy
 Jessica and Brad
 Family + Faith
 The overlook
 Nora and Faith

 Carter and Parker

 Throwing lumps of sand
 Free Rootbeer for Mercy!

 Sandy and Mom

 Piper and Nora had never gotten to ride a real horse before, so Hannah let us come over and ride around a little bit! I'm pretty sure they loved it! :)
That's all for tonight! Plenty more to come!