Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Very Mixed Up, Long In Coming Post

Another shower! (It's already past, this is how far behind I am, sorry! :P)
 Father's Day
 Beach Bums After Church!
 Our little star! =]
 Mercy's and My Shadow.
 Gotta love Faith's classy!
 Dad, Mom and Faith.
 Lovely sky.
Brad's Dad, Jessica, Brad and Mercy with her lemon ice!
 Silly Girl
 Faith must have had a sticky nose, she kept sticking her lip to it. Silly
 Papa and Carter
 Poofy head
 Still going
 Biting it.
 I think it was a Happy Father's day. :)
 On the way home we saw some cow pokes.

 Poppies, poppies, poppies!

Love these! =]
 Shopping with Brad and the kids. (Also could be put as, "Shopping with the kids." ;)
 More paint brushes.
 And Purple Poppies.

 My poor betta Emrys. :( He lived for about two months, but it got too cold in my room a few nights and sadly he couldn't live through that. :(
 He sure was pretty!
 The pictures don't even show. :(
 Beach fire with friends. :D
 Bad picture color, but aren't they cute anyways? ;)
 Oh look, it's me.
Book reading in my room.
 Some body that is the bomb got me the best phone case ever!
 I still wuvs it kitty!
 Took the kids down to Swan Pond.
 Feeding the swans

 Way far off, we saw something moving down the road. I realized it was a turtle, and it was moving FAST!
 So we all went running as fast as we could to go see it!

 Pretty yucky huh!? =]
The lovely couple. =]
 Getting our feet wet!
 Throwing some rocks

 And mud. :)
 This is kitty and I for you. Walk into a shoe store, pick up two VERY different shoes and the exact same time and say, "Oh, these are cute!" Ha!
 Covering holes.
The end of this post! But I have much more to post!

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