Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walk with my Kitty

 Yes, back at swan pond
 Out to eat. Can you tell the one that is not a Townsend? We all grabbed green plates, and got our salads first, all but kitty who got a yellow plate, and nothing resembling a salad. :)
 Another walk, with the addition of Seth this time.
 Somehow, what I was picturing in my mind as a cute picture, was not translating to these two...
 They were funny though!
 Who doesn't feel silly making such faces? ;)
 Do you ever get the feeling you are being followed?

 They don't look too mad at me do they?
 Trench coat!
 Once upon a time, I set my sunglasses up on the roof of my van while I was out one day. Not realizing till later that night that I hadn't been wearing them when I got home, I was very sad that I had lost them. But  just to be sure I went out to check and see if by any chance I had put them inside the van. This was what I found! Hooza! They must have had quite the ride! And I am very thankful for my van rack!
 Lap day.
 Kitty was on my lap, and Renee' got up on Kitty's. :)
 Aren't they cute? =]
Still lots more! Not sure how soon I'll get them up! But I haven't given up on this blog yet!
I hope there's still a few of you out there that check in now and then!

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