Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dad's Birthday, and Grandma!

The cake I made for dad.
 It's Peanut butter and chocolate
 It was pretty heavy, but I think he enjoyed it. =] (I hope he did)
 I don't remember for sure, but I think the kids had helped him blow out his candle.
 And Mercy was being silly
 Mercy with my fingerless gloves
 Mercy and her Mama
 And Great Grandma
 Yay shirts!
 Jessica, Grandma and I.
Kiddos with Papa!
 Bunch of goofballs
 The girls with Papa
 Stuck in the back of the van with these two sillies

Out in the lake
 Can you see how Brad is carrying Mercy? :)
 Little miss cuteness
 And silly
 Mom and Dad

 The light show that night
Mercy all lit up

 Making things

 Being crazy
That's all for this one!

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