Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Post

OK, so here it is. I know it's been a while since the last post.
So sorry... =] I really am trying to think of what next to post.
We shall see what it happens to be.
Till then, keepin' Him first!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kids Kids Kids!!! :D

Faith (this was a little while ago when the kids had colds and I just never got around to posting)

Parker (what a grin!)

Miss snot nose Faith
Shaggy girl

Yeah, they don't look like they feel well do they? =o

Kid pictures from when Dad and I were out it Oregon
Little girl, Big apple! :)

Mr. Cute :) (Noah Zike)

Or is he Mr. Cute?! :) (Silas Jackson)

Mr. Stinker/CUTE (Alton Jackson)

Granpa's so silly. :)

And who might that be? Oh, it's just me.

Would I be me if I weren't out playing Volleyball, even though it was raining rather hard? I think not! :) And Tad was quite the trouper to play through the rain with lil ol me. :)

What a look! :)

So happy. :) (Rachel Zike)

AJ Garissi

All the little kids "helping" Mr. Howard ;)

Noah and Mommy. :)

Getting the offering plates

(Heather doesn't look like she's going to kill me does she?) :0

Look at that big guy!

There, there

He was trying to see how he could "help" me take pictures. =]

And being a little goofball at the same time! :D

Gideon Garissi (Silas helped me get this cute grin!) =]

Is that a Piggy Bear Back ride?

Cute little boy+ his bear+camera in hand= you guessed it, LOTS of pictures!



Oh Wow! Look at those eyes!


Some one got a hair cut... and got a balloon! :)

Poor thing, he kept biting it and it was getting smaller and smaller... :)


Hmmm, what can I get into next???

Gid, what a little man. :)

Opps, I think he heard me! :)

I'm Trouble. This is Trouble, and his brother Trouble...

Aw.... Oh, sorry. :) His Dad might not like all this cute stuff being said about his boys.
So, I shall add that they are both very good at Baseball, and Soccer... and running... and being boys... :)

Mmmm, yummy balloon!

So that's what those things are for! I always thought they were for hearing your heart or something like that!

But I don't guess they would have had half the fun if they could only hear the others heart! :)

Ah, to have so much fun!


Ride'em Cowboy!

Play me a song

Father and son. (Just thought I'd tell you, I'm sure no one could tell for themselves:)

Mr, Smiley

Oh, that's better! :)

Jerry... yeah, he's still a kid. :)

More "helping" Mr. Howard get the water for the Preachers

Teaching the little ones about giving "cups of cold water"

Celia Garissi

Such Big Brown Eyes!




Someone's looking sleepy

Does he look like a boy or what, sweaty hot, bruise on his arm... yeah, he's a boy.

Joshua! He was never around when I had the camera in hand, so I didn't get but this one of him. =/

Well, that's the kids. :)
'Sufer the little children to come unto me...' =]