Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Butter Anyone???

Have any of you ever moved from one house to a new one before?

If you have, did everything get moved to the right place,
at the right time?

As some of you may know, we moved to this house about
5 years ago now.

When we moved, we did it fast and in no real
order. AT ALL!!!

So the other day I was out cleaning in the shed,
(that's where we put a lot of stuff we just didn't
want to deal with at the time), and I found this.
It was in there along with other stuff that SHOULD
have been in 'a cold place' (you may know where
that would be). But as you well can tell it was not!
Rather it was out for 4 almost 5 years in a place
at times maybe real cold, but at others, a lot
HOTTER then your kitchen table!

Are y'all sick yet? :)
If so, sorry.
BTW Mom wanted me to let y'all know that
the butter is now gone, and we do have new
if you are ever here and need some butter. :)

And one of these days the shed will be cleaned out!!!
I hope! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Here They Come! :)

OK, so spring was over 28 days ago, I thought I may
as well post on it now rather then later, right. :)

Like my hand in there? :D

Almost open! :) well it is now, this is 5 days ago. :D
I'm getting slow at posting :P sorry.

'OK every one look right here' :) that's what I thought it
looked like, I think really though they are looking at the sun.

I don't know how this happened, but Mom liked it :)

Thank you LORD for the beauty you give us!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Faith

What do you think your doing with that???

That's a little better. :)

Read to me Faith. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Clean-up day at the Fairlamb's old house! :)

In the van on the way over....
I'll let you know now, I did not have the cam at all. OK
:D I thought this was funny
Some one is having too much fun
What time is it?

JoAnna :)
Hot, hot, hot!!!!
Hey look it's Hop! :)
Look at that! What? I don't know.
Umm..... we were working VERY hard.

I like this one.
Hey look it's kitty!
Poor little girl :(
What's wrong?

Um... can you tell who that is? :P He is good and clean. :)
The one that started it all. Well Lydia, this didn't work too well did it. :) oh well
Can you tell me what this is?
Hop, you look like you may have been working some :)

OK Bethany, we will stand here and let you get the ball.
Windy! look it's even blowing Bret away!
Hannah's back :)
The 'other' side
Look at it go

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fairlamb for putting us to work
and letting us have fun while doing it :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Homeschool Family Day at the Capitol MI

The day before Dad and I went down :D so we wouldn't
have to get up at 3A.M. to get there, and for other things
too, but that was one of the main ones. :)

We got down there about 5ish. So we walked around down
town, got some food (:really good food:), and walked some
more. As we were walking there were sounds like a ball game
was going on. Having nothing better to do with our
time (like go back to the Hotel and sit with the TV
on) :P. Thought it would be fun to go to a game. :D

Cool thing was, when we went to pay they said it was open
cause it was at the top of the 6th. But not only did we get
in for free :D there was not a lot of people there, as in 'maybe'
100-150 other then workers. So we got to sit in the place we
wanted. :D

That was a lot of fun! :)

Then when the game was over we walked down to see the
Capitol Building at night, and walk around it and such. :)

OK, and get some pix :)

Cool lookin' hey?


And the time has come (or had come:).

Now who might that be???? :D Hope you don't mind. :)


Doing something of great import I'm sure. :)

Now I'd say she's good with a gun. (I didn't get a pic of the deer).

Papers, papers, papers....

The Rally

Hmmm.... I know it's in here some where.... no that's not it....
no that's not it.... It may be little but you can put a lot in it. :)

Jack Hoogendyk 2008 For US Senate

This is most of our group....

This is most of the group. :)

I think it was said there were 900 people there.

Dad, the guy said there wasn't any money here any more...

In the office of Mr. Darwin Booher

He and Dad talked about a good bit of things.

Nice to hear what he had to say.

And he was very willing to talk, and be asked about what
he does and such.

He also let us take pix from his office, that is on the 13th floor. :)

It was funny, we went out of he office cause he needed to
get, then we met up with him on the elevator, and ended
up walking him to the Capitol Building, in, and to the elevator,
in there and up. Though he went to 2, and we went to 3.
Oh well, I thought it was cool anyway. :)


James, Wade, and I had a great time running
from here to there to get pix and stuff, it was a lot
of fun. :D

Looking down...

looking at people :) hehehe...

looking up. :) Are we done looking yet??? nope :)

Hey, did any of you know that Rachel, and Bret can't hear
very well??? :)

The Senate Floor

Looking up again... :)

Ah! Group pic! sorry no I don't have one. Lydia made me
sit so I couldn't have got one if I try'd :) so you'll have to
look on her blog, or ask Wade. :)

Fun Day. Long day. Learn full day. Walk day. Up day.
Down day. Here day. There day. Fast day. Slow day.
It was quite the day! :)
Thanks to all that put it together, helped, and let us know about it.