Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Butter Anyone???

Have any of you ever moved from one house to a new one before?

If you have, did everything get moved to the right place,
at the right time?

As some of you may know, we moved to this house about
5 years ago now.

When we moved, we did it fast and in no real
order. AT ALL!!!

So the other day I was out cleaning in the shed,
(that's where we put a lot of stuff we just didn't
want to deal with at the time), and I found this.
It was in there along with other stuff that SHOULD
have been in 'a cold place' (you may know where
that would be). But as you well can tell it was not!
Rather it was out for 4 almost 5 years in a place
at times maybe real cold, but at others, a lot
HOTTER then your kitchen table!

Are y'all sick yet? :)
If so, sorry.
BTW Mom wanted me to let y'all know that
the butter is now gone, and we do have new
if you are ever here and need some butter. :)

And one of these days the shed will be cleaned out!!!
I hope! :)


Rhonda said...

That is very gross! Very funny though. You know how many times we have moved so I know all about things ending up where they aren't supposed to! I don't think we have ever had food in the wrong place for 5 years though. :) Of course, we haven't hardly ever lived in the same place for that long!

Rhonda said...

Mom just reminded me of a story from one of our moves. We had a deep freezer in the basement and the food was all unloaded into bags so the freezer could be carried out. The freezer was loaded into the truck but the food wasn't... Not a good thing. I don't know who had to clean that up. I am sure it wasn't pleasant.

Stephie said...

ROFL!!! Thats NASTY!!!!!! LOL


Anna Joy said...

When THAT work day comes around I'm staying HOME! :)

Rachel said...

Yuck! :D Who got to clean it?

BSBT said...

Mom did :D

Amanda said...

Yummy! did you save any for me?