Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lessons From the Supper Table

OK, so at supper today, we were sitting there eating whatever.
Then Jessica looks over at Parker and asked him if he'd told Papa about his lip.
So Parker starts off, "Well, I was chasing Carter under the table... But that's not the beginning."
(Much laughing going on around the table with most heads turned away from Parker!)
He starts again, "Well, Cater had taken a toy away from Faithers an...."At this moment Carter pipes up, "No I didn't!!!"
(MUCH MORE harder laughter while trying to hid it!)
Parker, "YES YOU DID.."
Cut Short by Jessica, "You don't have to tell that part. You should forget about that part because he was already forgiven..."
Parker, "I can't forget it."
Papa, "Well, just don't talk about it or think about it."
Parker, "I can't"
Jessica, "Parker, just tell how it happened not why."
Parker, "Well, I was under the table, and Carter pushed the chair in and I bit my lip."
Carter, "The chair wasn't pushed all the way in, so I was just pushing it in all the way."

So, that is how our supper went tonight.
How bout you all?! =]
Isn't it funny how everyone is right in their own eyes. :)
It doesn't stop when you get older, unless you catch it now.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dad and Mom

This is what you get when you are in a hurry, but you see a really nice shot that could be taken!

This is what you get when you don't know what you are doing trying to fix it. =]

I liked the coloring, but you couldn't see their faces very well without splotches and such.
Maybe I should have just left it alone.
What do you think?



Faith came up to me tonight and asked if I had any games on my computer.
Other then spider solitaire and hearts, I couldn't think of anything. So I asked her if she wanted to paint. "Yeah! Paint!" :)
After a while of trying to find a picture to play around with, this was what we came up with.
I let her pick the colors, while I did the painting. I'm sure it wont take her long to be able to do it on her own though! Parker sure knows his stuff already! (eek!)
Just thought I'd share our masterpiece with you all. =]

Friday, March 19, 2010

This Is What We Like To Call, "The Right Way" =]

Mr. Millen and Mr. Templeton have been here helping with the Hot Water heater.

This is how you do it...

and, the ladies are waiting...

Jennifer showing off her new games.

BJ. playing around with her camera.

This is for Jennifer. (She keeps saying no one has been taking any pictures of her since she's been here.)

On lookers...

The End

(You all happy now?!) =]
Oh Yeah!!!