Sunday, February 28, 2010

Watch Out World! Here We Come!

Thanks to Jennifer for taking the picture
Yes, as some of you know from Kitty's blog...WE BOTH PASSED THE DRIVERS TEST!!!!

What A full week!
Jennifer got in on Wednesday! (What a wonderful time in the car with my sisters!)

Thursday was a full day with kids taking turns with Aunt Jennifer, and then Church.

Friday, a full day up in TC with Mom, Jessica, Jennifer, Parker and Carter.
Then some of Dad's siblings came up to see Jennifer and Dad.

Saturday, was the big drivers test day!

Sunday, Church! Blessed day!
And then! An other full week to come!
What fun life is! :D

God's been good!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do We Have Child Like Faith?

Teddy's bed time prayer-
"Please Dod bess everybody, and hep me to be dood."

Do we pray like we trust God to do what we ask Him if it's His will?
He's willing to help, if we be willing to ask for the right things.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


As you read above, we are home and GLAD to be! :)

Dad is doing well, we are trying to remind him to let s baby him while we will. :)
But he is still trying to do stuff so as not to feel so lazy.

The trip went well, and we are all very thankful for the Templeton's and for their giving up Shelly to be with us and drive all the way back home for us.
We were very thankful Shelly knew what she was doing, for even when Dad was trying to tell her were she was to turn next, he would get to talking and forget all about it and after a bit you'd hear, "So I turn here?" from Shelly. :)
So even if you have Dad, Mom, and a GPS, it's nice to have a Shelly driving. :D
She was such a blessing, as was Ken for helping take us down there, Mr. Evans for taking care of Dad, and the Hallberg's for everything they did before and while we were there.
Everyone was so helpful.
Oh yes! And we are ever so thankful for every prayer that went up for Dad and our trip, and I know Mom enjoyed hearing from everyone. She was almost non-stop on the phone at some points! It happened more then once where we were sitting there eating or something, and Mom's phone would ring, then a moment later Shelly's would ring, and I would be sitting there wishing I had a phone to talk to someone on so I wouldn't just be sitting there. =]
We had a short, but nice time with Grandma, while we were with her. Uncle Garry stopped by for a while, (though I was still in bed, I at least heard him:). Then we were able to meet up with Uncle Dan for lunch.
So all in all, it was a fine trip.
Great to see those we haven't for a while, and nice to meet some new!
(tt, don't laugh.)

I know many of you have come to me not knowing how to leave a comment, I put some instructions above the comment box that I hope will help. If not, there's always the comment box on the side I guess! :)

Thanks again one and all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dad's Turn

For all those of you that know and want to know more, and for those of you that knew nothing and would like to know...
Dad went down to PA to help with the layout of a book on Monday morning, and was going to stay till today and go back home. But God thought other wise.
On Tuesday, half way through lunch he started really not feeling well, and after trying a few things and going into a sweat they thought it was time to take him in.
A long story somewhat shorter, they called Mom and said he was going to need to have his gallbladder out.
The Templeton's had already offered if we needed to get down there to be with him or anything they could do to let them know.
So when mom found out what was going on, she started packing.
The T's had had a long day of which started at 5 in the morning, ended them up in Illinois, and back home to pack and head to our house to take an 8 hour trip to bring mom and myself down here to PA. All in all, 18 hours plus in the car for both of them!
But oh what a blessing they have been and still are being.
Here is Dad last night after Church when we stopped in to see him and bring mom her stuff.
(Mom has been here since we got here about 7 yesterday morning.)

Ken. He has been so funny to have around. Being Ken, he is always being funny, but keep him from sleep for 30 hours, and he is more of a nut than I think anyone else has ever seen him be! :)
(The Dr. came in yesterday when we first got here and was getting all of Dad's past medical history, and Ken had to step out of the room before he met the floor... :D )

Shelly, helping out in every way, being such a blessing!

We brought Mom some soup from Eat'n Park.

Oh, and you can't leave me out.
I'm just here to be in the way, take pictures, (that Dad will kill me later for posting), and whatever other trouble I can get into. :D

Ken left this morning so he could get back to be with Sammy and Hannah.
Shelly and I came this morning, and this is my view from the floor...
Shelly is knitting-

Dad and Mom. (Dad was moved to a new room on a different floor.)

And this is me. :)
God is great isn't He!
They JUST put in the Wi-Fi yesterday while Dad was still in the ER and got it up and running by the time he was in his own room!
Praise The Lord!
Now Dad can still study, though in bed, and I am able to keep everyone here up to date. :)

So now Dad has been sleeping, and Mom, Shelly and I went down to get something to eat.
Oh, I guess you might want to know what they found when they took the gallbladder out...
Well, from what I gather, they found gangrene in with a lot of stones.
So they want to keep him till at least Saturday to make sure infection doesn't set in.
So, if all goes well, I guess that's when we head home.
Thank you all for your prayers, it's great to know we have so many praying for us right now!
God's been good!

Well, after much spell checking by Mom and Dad, here is my post... =]

Monday, February 15, 2010

My Little Man Is 5!!! =o

What happened to little baby Carter? Sniff. =/

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Dear Kitty, and Me

Such comfort we always are to each other...

Aahh, Kitty? Do you see spots?

Thanks for the pictures Bethany, I just love this one of you! :D

Remember BJ, you are the one that asked for more pictures.

Friday, February 5, 2010

"Did you wash your hands?"

This just goes to show how weird my mind works.
Tonight I was reading my Bible, and right now I am in Matthew, I started reading chapter 15, and as I got along I started wondering, "Why don't little boys ever use that when they sit down to supper and their Mother asks them, "Did you wash your hands?" =] Come to think of it, not just little boys, but why haven't any girls tried it? :D

OK, so I know it would never work with pretty much any Mother.
But it was a nice thought, right?! :)
(I think it's time for bed, I think I've really lost it with this one!)
Enjoy Mathew 15, and I hope I haven't messed it up for you all! :D

'Years from now, sitting reading Bible, come along to Matthew 15, BURST OUT LAUGHING! or worse yet, sitting in Church, Pastor says, "Turn to the book of Matthew, chapter 15, BURST OUT LAUGHING! [You] "Oh, sorry!" [Then you start feeling really really really small]

I'm gonna stop, NOW.