Saturday, February 20, 2010


As you read above, we are home and GLAD to be! :)

Dad is doing well, we are trying to remind him to let s baby him while we will. :)
But he is still trying to do stuff so as not to feel so lazy.

The trip went well, and we are all very thankful for the Templeton's and for their giving up Shelly to be with us and drive all the way back home for us.
We were very thankful Shelly knew what she was doing, for even when Dad was trying to tell her were she was to turn next, he would get to talking and forget all about it and after a bit you'd hear, "So I turn here?" from Shelly. :)
So even if you have Dad, Mom, and a GPS, it's nice to have a Shelly driving. :D
She was such a blessing, as was Ken for helping take us down there, Mr. Evans for taking care of Dad, and the Hallberg's for everything they did before and while we were there.
Everyone was so helpful.
Oh yes! And we are ever so thankful for every prayer that went up for Dad and our trip, and I know Mom enjoyed hearing from everyone. She was almost non-stop on the phone at some points! It happened more then once where we were sitting there eating or something, and Mom's phone would ring, then a moment later Shelly's would ring, and I would be sitting there wishing I had a phone to talk to someone on so I wouldn't just be sitting there. =]
We had a short, but nice time with Grandma, while we were with her. Uncle Garry stopped by for a while, (though I was still in bed, I at least heard him:). Then we were able to meet up with Uncle Dan for lunch.
So all in all, it was a fine trip.
Great to see those we haven't for a while, and nice to meet some new!
(tt, don't laugh.)

I know many of you have come to me not knowing how to leave a comment, I put some instructions above the comment box that I hope will help. If not, there's always the comment box on the side I guess! :)

Thanks again one and all!


Rhonda said...

Glad you made it home safely! I am sure it was a very long trip.

Lil said...

Nothing like being home safe and sound! happy all is well!