Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Very Random Pictures From My Phone

I've just been sitting here listening to my family talking and had time to work on some of these, so here you go.
I just got a new app on my phone for this, so I was showing kitty. :)
So she did one for her Timmy. :)

Long day... :)
Playing around with shadows.

 Adorable =]

 Faith and Mercy were outside playing a few weeks ago, and Mercy came in to Jessica and said, "I want dudes!" Jessica was a little puzzled at first, then she thought maybe... so she handed Mercy her sunglasses. That was it. :)
 Mercy likes my phone...
 And she likes seeing herself.
Hmm, me.
 Poor baby...
 Well, not so poor. After putting a little eyeshadow on Mercy while I was putting makeup on, I walked away for something, and Jessica found this... :)
Pretty good huh.

 Storm over Bear Lake

Coming off Bear Lake road on to M115
Double Rainbow
 We could see the full thing.
 Mercy waiting for her diaper to be changed before nap time. Poor thing was too sleepy to play with toys.
 I liked Faith's colorful outfit.
 When you need a lift on the spot. :)
 Don't you love when you're sitting there weeding and a spider randomly pops out of the ground!? :P

Mercy reading to Great Grandma. ;)

Going Through Old Photos With Family

Dad, Grandpa and Jennifer. I can see Mercy in Jennifer's face here. What do you think?  :)

My Grandma. (My Dad's Mom.)

Me =]

Still have my teddy bear. He's been much loved through the years don't you think? :)

Yeah, music's in my blood. :) I'm about as good as I was then too... hehe.
Jennifer and I.
Still the baby
Sisters :) Jessica has a Parker look in this one.
Grandpa and Grandma Townsend
Grandpa's razor :)
My Great Grandmother Beatrice Mary Newman Born in Sept. 10th 1902, Died May 16th 1930
My Dad's Dad's Mother. :)
We are guessing this photo was taken around 1912
My Grandpa. I really like this picture for some reason. :)
Just a few of the many things we were going through.
Not the greatest picture of Grandma. Sorry :)
Jennifer and Grandpa.
Yup, another Mercy face.
Me, Mom, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jeremy. :)
Maybe I'll get more up sometime.
But I was losing good lighting to take pictures by.
I took all of these with my iPhone, so I'm pretty happy with how well they turned out. :)
Hope you enjoyed!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Ladies Banquite 2012

Someone found this the next day about how well the Banquet went.
Prep work.

Mercy and Me. :)

Lex =] Sorry, Jub had the camera.


Somehow I missed those...

Tehe. I did take this picture. :D

I love you too :D

Why did I wait till after I ate to take a picture of my place setting. I guess the food was so good all I was thinking about was eating it! ;)

See, the pan was EMPTY! =]
More talking

Jessy, Hop and Jub.

The Theme
The Verse


Ho yeah! Cheese cake!
I was two bites away from the end and I remembered we still had to sing! Doh! :) Oh well, it was fine.
Pretty Hop. :)

Shelly and Hannah. Other wise known as our wonderful cook and her right (or is it left) hand! :D
The guys making sure we have everything we need before they go over and have their feast! :)

Our Beautiful speaker, Shannon Cook. :)
And a few of the many faces she makes. :D

She did such a wonderful job!
The awesome guys that kept the food coming, the tables clean, and our cups full! :)

They did great this year. (As they do every year!)

Giving them a hand of thanks and praise.

My wonderful mother that puts SO MUCH work into the banquet every year!
And does an incredible job of it with the help of many hands.
What's that face for Mego? :)

I have no idea what's going on here.
Clean up! The funnest part! :D

Cleaning everything and getting it back in it's proper places.
Jos doing dishes. :)

The annual spin around after the after the banquet while the chairs are up. :)

This may have been the first year I haven't done it. But I'll gladly let the younger ones take over the tradition. :)
Oops, what happened here? :)
 That looks like trouble right there... ;)
The end.
It was a wonderful night with many wonderful memories for all.
But very exhausting! :)
Thanks to Jub for taking more then half these pictures for me, that was very helpful deary. ;)