Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Story Time With "BEFUN"

Here is a wordy post, but a worthy post to be written.
Yesterday I went with Mom, and Jessica, to help watch Faith and Mercy while they got their hair done.
Faith being our little doodle girl had notebook in hand along with a rather large Princess pen!
While Mercy was on the floor eating ninety-two baby food puffs, Faith was on the floor drawing/writing in her notebook with the rather large Princess pen, and trying to keep both away from the little ripper. ;)
Someday I will have to get a picture up here of some of Faith's art, she is VERY GOOD!
She made many a picture for me, one of them she wrote her name on, and then at the bottom of the paper she wrote my name.
She sounded it out all on her own and everything.
Brilliant child!
Just think, after all these years I've been spelling my very own name wrong. It took Faith to show me this.
The true spelling of my name is, "BEFUN".
Who knew but Faith?!
Well, Mom and Jessica said that Faith must really think I'm fun. Or maybe it's that I'm not fun enough and she's telling me to BE-FUN. I don't really know.
I just know that I now have a new nickname. =]
The clever girl wrote Mercy Lynn on another paper as well.
She sounded it out all on her own too.
It read, "MSEA LN".
Makes sense to me!
Well, this has been story time with "BEFUN".
Hope you enjoyed, and BE-FUN!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Good To The Last Drop"

Once again, way behind on my posting. But here you go!

The Loverly table I sat at.

Ladies coming in

Love this one! =]

Aw! Fun Great Aunt Debbie!

Matt, bringing in the fruit!

And placing it on the tables

ahhh! Close up!

Grandma and Great Grandma! =]

Look Grandma, there's Bethany with the camera again!

Mom speaking. =]

Silly Jessica. =)


Coffee bean... =D

JohnDavid, ready to serve

Sandy, getting ready to pray for the food


Sammy, serving Coffee!

Yummyness on a plate

Yummyness in a cup! Oh my! It was SO GOOD!!!






Smiling (and being silly)




Cute MB

Looks like Faith is getting coffee poured on her head =o







Uncle Sam! :D

Clean up!

The 'cool' guys


Hold him up Sammy!




Silly boys



The End! =]