Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Michael and MaryBeth's Wedding!

Mogo and I getting ready for the run through!
 My beautiful girly
 Aw aren't they cute
 Love these girls!
 Still standing
 Oh, standing in the back! =] Seth played Sudo Dale.
 More standing...=]
 This is what you get when you have Seth taking pictures for you!
 There we go. :)
Our dresses! (Missing Molly's)
 Mrs. Roberson's first view of the bride. (She got sniffy fast.) :)
 Here she comes

 There's Bethany, always picking on MaryBeth. :)

 T.A.R.D.I.S! On a cheese cake!
 Kitty asked if she could see the pictures that Bret took for me on my phone. (Seeing as I wasn't able to do so myself.) So when I got my phone back, this was the home screen on my phone... Paybacks... ;)
 It, is, over...
 Fish face, Peanut!
My Roses.
 So pretty.
And they lived Happily Every After. (So far as I know.) :)

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