Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dress Shopping

No, I'm not stupid enough to put pictures of the real dress on my blog before the wedding! This is just the one we all really Really REALLY liked. It just was well out of price range had we all put in for it! :)
 Out to eat. Hop pretending she's not thinking anything.
 Kitty pretending to be surprised at what Hop is pretending not to think
 MB knowing what's going on and not pretending anything.
 I really really really liked this dress. Like LOTS. But no, she doesn't want red, or shinny. :( :P
 Kitty looking very very prego in this picture. hehe. She's not, but it really does look like it. :)

 Three of us with the bride to be

 Mercy taking pictures with my phone. Mercy, Me and Mego

 Self portrait
I did get my dress that day, and MB found hers! Mine was only $21.20! I was a happy camper. Well, I didn't go camping, but you know what I mean. :)


Hannah said...

LOL! :) Thanks, Bethany!!

Faith34 said...

Haha! BSBT, you're so pretty in that dress!!!