Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Some From D.C.

Just so we'd know where we parked the car. :) It's a big place ya know!

Only the beginning of a LOT of walking

Only the beginning of mom sitting waiting on us. :)

(It's WAY better in person!)
(Same here)

Lydia, doing what she does best. :)

Bethany, doing what she does best. (Standing there that is.) :D
Trying to figure out how many stars there are on the wall behind us. =] Took till Dad came over and helped us. =)

I see you! :)

Viet Nam Womans Memorial

Breath-taking, all the names

I thought it was laid out a little weird, but it was neat all the same.

Viet Nam Men's Memorial

'I'm feeling small right about now'

Pointing up to God. :D

I'll say this much, it's a lot bigger then you think it is!

She's doing it again. :)

(His side burns are longer than my hand! =)

This was really neat how they were etched into the wall
And this was neat seeing all that they would have had to carry and go through.
Looking on in wonder
Here's a Thank You! to those who over the many years, have fought to keep up free!
Deep in thought...

So true... it came at a great cost, so great that neither you nor I could pay. There is but one that could pay such a great price! And He did! So many years ago now, but so close at hand...
He has paid the price, but will you accept what He did for you? Will you take this gift of true freedom that He holds out to you?
If you do not know what I mean by what I have said above, go ahead and ask, please. I would like to help you understand.


Gabrielle said...

Cool pics,Bethany!!
(Just to let you know that Vietnam is one word :))

DrBen said...

Hannah, you are correct in the modern English spelling of the word. However, it was two words when I was almost drafted into going there in 1972. Most world maps have it as two words. It was named "Nam Viet" in 1804 by King Gia Long and then changed shortly afterwards by him to "Viet Nam," meaning "people of the south." Viet is the name of the largest ethnic people in that region. So, we are both right. Isn't that great? -BT