Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Is This I Spy?

It looks like....

Someone walked through here that was not so clean...
Anyone have a guess?

Here are a couple of hints- 1. The person was not barefoot, that meas it can't of been me. :D
2. This looks to be about a size 11 or 12, so I don't think it was mom...

We are having what some people around here like to call a "heat wave"

Very NICE sunny days

Snow melting slowly away

Never fear! It won't be gone too long! :D

Aren't you all glad to hear that? =]

Oh, and here is for all of you that aren't very good spy's and didn't guess who it was by my oh so 'hard' hints above.
Seeing as it was so nice out today dad was very thoughtful and cleaned out the chimney, seeing as it needed it oh so much before we went to Zambia. Speaking of Zambia, the time is coming up fast! Just two more days! =} If any of you would like to follow us on our trip you can go here- and hopefully dad will be able to keep up with it while we are gone. Hope you enjoy!
And please, if you would pray for us while we are gone, we would be very grateful. :)
Natotela! or Thank you! =]


Gabrielle said...

I will be praying for you all,hope you have a good,safe trip! [hope you don't get sick!] I'll miss you too! :)

btw I like the pics(i guessed it was ur Dad or Caleb) =]

Gabrielle said...

That's a funny pic of your Dad!

Amber said...

:) Hey. Have a fun and safe trip!! :) Personally, i think your dad should grow a beard again while out there. And this time keep it on!! :D

BSBT said...

Hop- Thank you!
Amber- He has it at four days now... =]

Luis Manuel Saavedra Sandoval said...