Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zambia Trip 2009 Part 1.

First day there, just flew into Ndola, Jennifer, Pastor Frazer, and Evans had picked us up at the Airport. We went to Jennifer's house to get showers and such. Then while Dad was resting, Jennifer, took Caleb, and I out to the market to show Caleb around a bit and give us a good stretch of the legs. So walking along through the market, we show Caleb the Caterpillars and told him that is one of the things he would have to try while there. Well, they normally cook them before they eat them, but Caleb was "willing to try anything", so he sure did. :P

Caleb-"They really eat these?" Jen and I- "Yes"

C- "for real?" Jen and I- "yes" :)

Poor dry little guy. :P

"OK, it's in."

C-"MMMmmmm....That's disgusting."

Then the lady selling them said he could try a brown one too. :)

Still working on the first one...

Still chewing. =]
Getting ready.
C- "Uh-oh! I dropped it! That's OK, I'll just pick it up and eat it."
Jen and I- "No!!!" (We had to go into the reasoning as to 'why' you DO NOT eat off the ground over there. It may be thought of as gross over here, but it could kill you over there.)
After Jennifer and I going into all that, the lady just said he could grab another one. But he dropped that one too, so he gave up on the Caterpillars and the lady with the Termites said he should try one of those.
So, he did. =] I think he said he liked the Caterpillars better though. :)
And me you may ask? No, I did not try them. If there was nothing else to eat and I hadn't eat'n in a LONG time, maybe. But I'm not out to try everything there is to eat in the world. =]
Don't they just look so Yummy! :D
First Sunday
Walking to church.
Waiting for more people to get there.

Some of the kids
The Church singing a chorus

The Lady's Choir greated us with a song.

The little cutie with her pop-corn

Look at those Big Brown Eyes. :)

The Lady's Choir on their way out.

Jennifer with some of the kids.

Daniel Kane, the Pastor's son.

This little boy...
didn't seem to like being so close to Caleb. =]
(I'm not even kidding, he was right next to Caleb.) :)
Pastor Frazer, asked Caleb to do a special

So he kind of did a sing along

Then Dad preached, with Potiphar interpreting in Bemba.

It's pretty funny, whatever Dad does Potiphar does. :D That even means walking over here and over there, and they even got some climbing in as well. ;)
Some one wasn't watching the preaching.... Oh, wait, I had the camera, forget that I said that. :)

Frazer, and Potiphar giving announcements

Back home at Jennifer's place.
"What would your mother say young man?"
We were all like that though, the floors are polished with red stuff, so even when we would sit out on the porch we would get red all over.

I just want you all to note: the 'Coke bottle' of 'Jennifer's' on the 'arm' of the 'chair'.
(Caught her Caleb!)
Sorry all, inside joke. :)

Does this look like a 3rd world Country to you? :)

Clara! :D She's so much fun! :)
Well all, that is as far as this first post goes. I will try and get as much as I can up as soon as I can. So keep watching! :)
Hope you all enjoy!


Amber said...

Hey!! Good to have you back to your old self again. Glad to see some posts from you too. :) Looks like you had a good time.

Michelle said...

Glad you are back!

Gabrielle said...

Awesome post!!

Yeah,I wouldn't eat the insects either,only if i HAD to!

We're all glad yor're back :)

Keep 'em comin'