Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zambia Trip Part 3

This is for all those that like plants and green stuff. Yes it was quite green while we were there seeing as it was the rainy season.

This was a tree like bush thing that was poky and weirdly cool. Though one of the days, we were playing volley ball with one of those rather thin balls and it was hit a little too hard into one of these. That was the end of that ball. (Good thing we had an other one!) :)
Guava tree
With Guavas in it
Banana tree (can you see all the bees, cool huh?) :)
it's really neat how the bananas come out!

Part of the tree... bush... thing the bananas grow on. :)
I think this is sugar
More nanas. Jennifer was happy to have three bunches coming on while we where there. =]

and more guavas
OK, sorry to all those of you that thought this such a boring post, can't please every one all the time. I'll try to get more people pix up soon for you.


Anna Joy said...

I'm SO ready to see some green stuff around here. :)

Rhonda said...

You didn't bore me at all! Those were beautiful. I loved the pictures of the bananas. I don't think I had ever seen pictures like that.