Friday, March 20, 2009

Zambia Trip Post 9

This was the man that owned the truck that we used for all the loading and unloading

Dad and He

And he gave Dad his card :)

Kenny :) such a goof!

Clara at her home. We took her home to see her family for the day.

Clara's mother. (Side note, they have a two bedroom house with 15 people living in it. And you thought it was bad as a kid sharing a room with a brother or sister! :)

The living room had enough seats for us all (very tight) with our knees touching. :)

Clara's Father

Then we went out to eat.
Caleb enjoying the best of Coke. (Zambia Coke is WAY better then our Coke is here!)

Fanta and Coke... So good... :) Just the thought of how good it is... mmmmm... :D

And they go and get Pepsi. :P OK, I'm sure it was good... But for me, I like Coke better anywhere. :)


=] Not sure what hat face was for. hehe :D

I think he is trying to hide it from me. =]

Jennifer (once again, not happy with me:)

Tree... :)

Some buildings

First try...

Now that's what I was trying to do. :)

This is on our long ride where the 4 of us were all smashed in the back seat of a not so very big SUV. That was tight! It doesn't matter how big or small we all were, it was NOT made for 4 people to sit back there! I'm not sure if you can tell I am sitting facing the wrong way. I tell you what, that ride hurt! :) Caleb was very kind and on the way back satin the pick up part. I'm not sure if it was so much being 'kind' or if he just didn't want to be so smashed up against Jennifer and me. :)

See, close. =]

Green stuff. :)

Caleb Resting in the Church. (This was where Jennifer stayed her first time she went over to Zambia.)

Thinking about what he is being told

The lighting was really neat I thought.

OK, well that's all for that post. More soon Lord Willing. :)