Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is what you get when you put two Bethany's together... a Beach Bums game. =o

Yes, craziness.

Bethany... :)

and Bethany... :D

Wai- snap. hehehe

What a look! =]

Oh yeah! (sun was in my eye)

Cheering. Yeah, the kids in front of us found out real fast how loud it is when you have two Bethany's behind you yelling... :D

Sunburn, and Bethany

Nathan in line for the signing.

Well Bethany, there you go. :)
I tell ya, I was sure glad to have Bethany there to be crazy with. A game can be just out right boring if you aren't crazy for at least a little bit. :) (ok, so I could have just sat and watched the game, but still, that's just not as fun!:)


BJ said...

#1 Go Suntan!
#2 um...
#3 I was being weird(as usual)
#4 Yeah!
#5 I was saying "let me get this ball out of my pocket"
#6 I was blinking!
#7 I thought that 1 was cool.
#8 Were you saying "Go Bums?"
#9 That look...not my usuall smile.

Yup, 2 Bethany's.....

Anonymous said...

you spelled "usual" wrong!-megs

BJ said...

Hey, you gotta give me credit, I had only 1 minute!!!!!!

Gabrielle said...

The first time I read the thing for the last pic I thought it said- 'Nathan in line for *singing*' :D