Saturday, June 21, 2008

Out Of The Blue...

My smart little girl


(I'm thinking Kitty's not gonna be happy with me after this)

Lookin' Hot Hop! :)

Oops, did I post that? Don't they look like they love each other so much? :]

Some one looks a little sleepy.

What's that? :D

Smile! :D

Ah, another pic of sibling love... how sweet! =)

See Rhonda, there is a pic of the two of us! :~}

Guess who! I didn't take this pic so I don't really know
how it came out this way, but I thought it would be a good
guessing one. :)

Look at that smile, looks like he may be up to something.
What's new?! lol, jk (maybe:)

This is what you get with three very sleepy kids that don't
really want to help you out and sit still for a nice pic for
Aunt Jennifer. :P

My Biscuit helper

Mr. Smiley

Goof Ball!

It's Mrs. Moses

I see the knife, now get to work cleaning! :)

Where's the Doc. ? Carter's not looking quite right!

Keep it in Hannah, keep it in...

Lookin' happy there Lydia, real happy...

UM... I don't know if I should say anything on this one. :]

Is there something wrong? =~o

Anyone want to guess who's eye this is? :)


Wade I think you are right... the camera didn't work the
same after this pic... jk :)

And just so all of those that made it on to this post don't get 'so' mad...
they get me too. :P :D

Hope you could at the very least have gotten a good laugh out of this post.
Have a great day!

I love my friends, thank you Lord for all of them!


Rhonda said...

Thanks for the picture of the two of us, Bethany. That was so kind and thoughtful of you to post it. I will have to frame it and hang it in my room.

Anna Joy said...

I surely do like the one of the back of my head....:P

And the blurry pic is of Caleb.

liberty said...

That's two!

wade45 said...

I told you it woud brake.

Amber said...

I Tag you Bethany!

BSBT said...


OK, Wade I can't comment on your blog. but you are tagged!

Anna Joy said...

Hey, when did you take that pic of Hop and I? I do not remember that!

Rachel said...

WoW, what can I say...I'm surprised you're still alive after that! :D

Tinker said...

u know its always funny to see eathen get hurt