Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Safe In Oregon

WOW!!! I forgot how much I like take-offs!!!
That was so much fun!!!
I'm sure I looked just like a little kid, I got the window seat (the best seat if you ask me) :D
I enjoyed the up... up... up... and away!!!
Then we just sat there and tried to sleep for about 4 hours.
But the take-off was fun! :D

OK, enough about the take-off, (did I say I enjoyed that?) :D
Anyway, Pastor and Mrs. Wright came get us, and took us over to Pastor Wright's Mother's house for.... what would you call it??? It was 5:30 our time (MI) 2:30 their time (OR).
You could almost say it was supper, but all any of us had had was breakfast...
Oh Well! We ate, and boy was it good!
She may be getting up there in years, But she can still sure cook!!! :)

We are trying to rest up for church tonight, Mom and Dad are sleeping (that's how I have Dad's computer) :D

I guess I should get now though, so I can get ready for church.
More later
Lord Willing!


Rhonda said...

Take off is totally the best part of flying! I like it all though. I even enjoy bouncing around in turbulence! It was really funny the first time I flew when the flight attendant landed in the guys lap on the end of my aisle! :)
Glad you made it there safely.

Amanda said...

I haven't been in an airplane before, but maybe now that I exist I will have a chance to some time.

Hannah said...

Glad to know you got there safely! BTW, I found another role of that border at Meijer in TC.

Amber said...

I LOVE flying!! It is so much fun. I may even be flying this fall to PA... We don't know yet. Actually, it will be to Lancing, maybe DC, and then PA.
If we do go to DC, i would love to see the White House while i am there!!

Anna Joy said...

Fun! Take off is always the best part. :D You are very missed!

B.J said...

I've never been on an airplane before, but my dad has, and he told me thet it is REALLY fun!

B.J said...

Glad you got there safe!Hope you get back safe too!

BSBT said...

Is that you Bethany?
My brin was going real fast trying to think, who in the world do I know that would go by b.j???

BSBT said...

BTW I just got up, so that's why I was like, huh? =]

B.J said...

Of COURSE it's me!

Amber said...

You should know Meatball. We were the one to give her that name!!

BSBT said...

What do you mean "we"???
OH Well...

B.J said...

You are totally RIGHT Amber!

B.J said...

Hey Meatball?Can you send your e-mail to me again? At the same address. The one you sent me before, well for some reason, ins't working.B.J

Gabrielle said...

I haven't been on a plane either or a boat or ship whatever you want to call it.:)