Saturday, August 23, 2008

What All Has Been Going On Around Here

JoAnna playing my "little batar"
This is last Sunday (what a face:) (tt looks so happy)

The Monkey boys at the Baptism
Getting ready

Here comes Bruce
More waiting
What would we do without cameras anymore?
A bit cold
"Do I really want to get in that cold water? Yes it is so worth it!"
"Hey Mom can I get in to?!"

In they go

"Do you know the Lord as your personal Savior?" "Yes"
Following the Lord
In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
In the likeness of His Resurrection

Over flowing with JOY!
Hannah's turn! I can not even say how much it means to me to see two more of my friends follow the Lord, and be willing to show others that they know and Love Him!
Up she comes!
Little dizzy from the fast up and down

Monday the ELC Conference started up, with many people getting in such as... RHONDA!!! :D
Sitting (there was a lot of that:)

Early Morning Fellowship
Getting ready for the rush to come
A Wonderfully done song by Lydia and Rachel
Lydia, Caleb, and Lora did a great job on their song!

Volley Ball

Fixing the net after 'someone' got their foot stuck in it and pulled it down.
Jubilee and Loralee
Bethany M. also known as middle Bethany, and BJ.

This would not be my doing...
I at least know how to spell my last name! (sometimes) :)

Lydia enjoying Wade's Camera
Who's who?
Kitty! :D
Hop! I really like this one of her! Look at those Blue eyes! :)
Talking to my kitty!

Megs going a little crazy
Bethany and Bethany :)
Jay-who somehow got upside down
Dad and his Coco Puffs at what 11 or 12 Tuesday night
Josh standing around talking
And Rhonda Too! :D
Hop working on her song.

Pastor Wright
The Grand Camera Man Caleb. He did a great job in spite of all the pressure!
And Marty, Rachel, and He are not even close to being done with all the work that will go into this.
The singing ones. (For lack of a better name right now)
Anna and Lora (sorry not a very good picture of them, but truthfully it was the best of the lot)

Hannah, MaryBeth, Lydia, Jubilee, and some random girl that happened to squeak in the middle of the song :P
Pastor Tim Boffey

Kitty and Hamburg

Same :)
Steph has weird eyes, don't you think? :]
Poor Hop was sooo sleepy

How is it that Rhonda and I have such weird picters taken of us?
Our little trip up to Mackinaw with the Smith's and Shepherd's

A stop at the park
To eat! :D
Dad took this one I think. Isn't it great!
The "kids". What does one do when there are "others" are talking?
Take the camera and make the best of it :)

water, sky, weeds, metal...
Getting darker
Dad in the water (see I'm not the only one that likes water)
just water

water, people, and weeds
More water
Water and weeds

The very hard to get picture
Here we are getting ready to "Catch" the Ferry to Mackinac Island
Up we go!
The upper riders (all but Mrs. S, she went down before we got going)
Those that rode inside
Enjoying the ride
The Fort
Our first driver
On the 747 of the Horse and Carrige

Arch Rock
Up on the look out
Taking a break, no kit-kat-bars, just water. :)
Heading into Fort Mackinac
Fife and Drum (the guy said he was new at it, but he was way better then I am!)

Working on staying in line with each other
Open Fire!
Eating a Hot Dog at the Fort
A trial at the Fort
Left Behind ={ there wasn't enough room for all 3 of us, so we walked the rest of the way.

Enjoying the ride, Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd
Back we go to the main land
The wet two. Josh and Lora thought they would go for a bike ride around the Island, it's about a hour and a half to go around. They had a lot of fun, they just ended up getting a little wet, seeing as it started to down pour when they left. =~] Oh Well, they said it was fun anyways. :)
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Shepherd, and Mom
I am sorry that I didn't say much about any of these but it took a long time as it was. I am going to have to work on making post that are not so LONG, that way maybe I would have more post. :)
Hope you enjoyed!


Rhonda said...

You are one brave girl, Bethany. I would never dream of posting that many pictures! I have a short attention span I think. I hate things that take a long time. Thanks for doing it though. I loved looking at the pictures. There were so many pictures I wanted to comment on but by the time I got to the end I forget which ones! I did look at the picture of Stephanie before I read the caption and think "Yikes! She has scary eyes!" Yea, how is that we managed to get so many strange pictures of us? Sometimes I look at all the goofy pictures people take of me and wonder if that is what I look like all the time. :)
The pictures of Mackinac are beautiful!! I am going there some day! (I hope) It looks so beautiful.
Enough commenting for now. It was a wonderful week. (at least the part of it I was there for. I will take your word that the rest was too!)

Stephie said...

I look so creepy in that picture! That is so funny! I love all the pictures. That was a wonderful week!


Amber said...

Great Pictures Meatball!! :) Of all people. And Ditto to what Rhonda said. :)

DrBen said...

Looking at all the pictures tired me out again just thinking about all the stuff we did in one week. I think I'll take one of those "sabbaticals" so I can rest up for a while. Someday there remaineth a rest for the people of God. I know I rest in Christ now, but heaven will be a great time of resting with a whole new body that doesn't need any rest! WhoooHoo! -BT

Anna Joy said...

WOW lots of pics! all great, excepting the ones of me. :)

liberty said...

The pic that was taken looking down on J and L is cool! Same with the bridge one close after!

Bethany said...

Meatball, you HAVE to do a looooong post from your trip!