Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach Bums Game A Few Weeks Ago


Faith, and Savanna


Parker, trying to help where it's not wanted =]

Big Girl


The big kid with the bears. :)


"Stop taking pictures."

Chip and sky

This is when Faith started choking. See her hand close to her throat?

Love the hair

What are they doing? Must be a Kenyan thing... :D
Caught! :D

Papa Boonstra, with Carter, and Savanna

Serafina, wasn't so sure about those bears...

So Dad helped her out a little. :)

Aww =]

Brothers... They were being all cute and getting ready for the picture...

Then, BONK!

So then Parker goes to pouting and that's the end of that. =0


Mom and Fina

Being silly


Game, what game? =]


Fire Works

The girls had never seen Fire works, so it was fun to watch their faces. :)

The End

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