Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trip down to Fort Benning GA, for the Graduation of Caleb Fairlamb

Traveling Buddy

This little girl ate half a bag of animal crackers from MI, to GA!

Renee was SOOOO happy when we got to the room!

She went crazy as soon as I set her down on the bed!

Waiting for the Turning Blue Ceremony to begin

Here they come!

It was quite hard to spot one guy out of 215 I think it was, quite hard!

But there he is. :)

Greeting the family.


Mr. and Mrs. Fairlamb talking with Caleb



More talking

Titus jumping on for a free ride! :)

Caleb had his own pack, Lydia's back pack, and Titus

The fist thing the guys wanted was Ice cream!







For the next 7 pictures, Titus had my camera. I did cut out quite a few rather odd ones he took!

can you tell someone short took this one? =]

Love this face!

One of Caleb's friends that came along with us to hang out and get some Ice cream.

Little Miss Cutie


Heading into the "N.I.M.", otherwise known as the National Infantry Museum.

After spending much of our day and the museum, we went to Burger King to get some food!

And some shakes =]

Rachel trying on a beret

After we ate, we headed back to the Museum to see what we didn't get to before.

Timo, Lydia and I found a room for kids to try on the gear...
You can never be too old for dress up! :D
This is how I tried it first. :)

That's a little more like it.
It was funny, there was a little girl in the room, she looked up at me and said, "Wow! You look just like them!" =]


Josiah, and Stephen =]

I made them do the hard stuff :D

Titus :)


JoAnna, Renee, and myself

Renee playing with Caleb's water pack.

Sitting around talking

The Graduation

It was really cool how these guys came out!

Ok, can anyone see Caleb?!
I did find him when I blew this picture up, big time! =]

The colors

One of the two Bands. They were great!

OK, now, as they pass by, in rows of 4, see if you can find him! HA!

I have NO idea how in the world I saw him, but this guy looked like he could mabe look like Caleb, so I started snaping and just thought I'd look and see later if it were really him.

Come to find out, when I blew it up, I could just make out the Fairlamb!

And could just tell by the looks that it was him.
I was rather proud of myself. :D

And then, when it was over, everyone goes out on the feild to find who they're there for.
That was a mad house!

Looking....trying to stay out of peoples way that were trying to get pictures together.

It took some of us a bit to find him, but we did. =]

I wish I could have gotten a picture of Caleb's face when he first saw Bret was there!

Timo holding Renee. She is asleep in this picture!

More standing around talking.

Renee's new traveling buddy. =]

The End!


Rhonda said...

Wow! That was a lot of pictures. I think that is what you call a whirlwind trip. :) Hope it doesn't take you all too long to recover from it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you enjoy taking pictures, Bethany? You sure had a lot! It looks like you had a ton of fun. I enjoyed all the pictures. Although I have to admit, it was rather a long post!:D
- Allegro